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The Scariest Thing I Saw This Week…

Was an old woman in the grocery store parking lot. She was parked at a handicapped space in the front of the lot, and it took her a good ten minutes to make the transition from putting an empty box in her trunk to getting into….get this…her DRIVER’S seat. This woman couldn’t stand up straight, for heaven’s sake, she couldn’t walk without being propped up by either the shopping cart, her walker, or her car. She has NO business behind the wheel.

It frightens me that, no matter how consciencious or careful I am, there are still people like that sharing the road with me.

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The Storm Before the Calm

The Universe has chosen this time to teach me a LOT of lessons. Most of them are about patience and mindful release of that over which I have no control.

My house is in a state of utter chaos. The addition is at a point where everything seems suspended while we wait for all the bits to come together; the plumber has to come back to do something, then his works has to be inspected, then the electricity gets inspected, then the insulators come and that gets inspected, then the dry wall gets installed, then THAT gets inspected… you get the idea. Right now we’re looking at two-by-fours and wires and pipes and plywood floors. I hate it.

I’m also on the edge of a student teaching internship in a high school. While I’m feling much, much better about that today than I was last week, it’s still a BIG unknown.

The end result of all of this is that I’m having to stop to think about breathing. I have to be aware that there’s so much that’s completely beyond my control, and that’s ok. I also need to take a step back and recognize that the state of my home doesn’t necessarily equate to the state of my being. It’s OK that our stuff is everywhere but where it’s supposed to be. All the really important stuff is still intact; my family is healhty, my marriage is healthy, and everywhere I look I have friends who support me.

Hopefully, though, this will be the last time the Universe fells the need to hit me with such intense lessons all at the same time…

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