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Settling In…Sort Of…

You can’t really tell in the picture of the kitchen-in-progress that I posted below, but I’ve already kinda-sorta started settling in.

Many many years ago Claudia, mother of my heart, gave me this beautiful sculpture she’d created. It’s something I’ve always loved and is one of my most treasured material possessions. When Husband installed the shelves that will hang over the sink next to the window, I couldn’t bear to look at them all empty, so I moved the sculpture from her spot in the entertainment cabinet to the bottom shelf in the kitchen.

I’m looking forward to being able to see her every time I go to the sink.

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Picture Requests

My last post generated two requests for pictures. Here they are:

Claudia, here’s the kitchen as it appears on Tuesday, February 28th, at 8:30 in the morning.

The sink came out on Sunday, and now Husband is working on measuring for the holes that need to be cut in the new sink cabinet to accommodate the plumbing.

I have no idea when the counter guy is coming to measure – I’m hoping it’s SOON because I keep breaking dishes trying to wash them in the bathtub (I have a lovely cut on the instep of my foot from the coffee cup I broke in the shower yesterday). The cabinet that’s in behind the step stool doesn’t belong there – it will go to the right of the dishwasher after it’s installed.

Vanx, this is the picture from the cookbook where I got (and then modified) the recipe for my babycakes. Thanks for asking!

And, because I promised more snow pictures but didn’t deliver, here’s PunkinPie being helpful during the blizzard two weeks ago:

…and here she is again, being not-quite-so-helpful…


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