Off to See the Doctor…

…with the suspicion that I’m growing these…

I continued to feel crappy all day yesterday. It got to the point where Advil wasn’t helping at all – the headache and sore throat were getting worse and spreading to affect my ears and sinuses. Before I went to bed last night, and with a sinking feeling of suspicion, I grabbed a flashlight and said “ahhh” in front of a mirror.

I’ve got patches.

Strep. Dammit!

I plan to just arrive at the doctor’s office when they open the doors and beg to be squeezed in right now – I can’t be bothered to deal with the answering service. It’s pretty obvious that I’m sick – I look like hell and I’m pretty sure they’ll take pity on me. Here’s hoping that I’ll be on antibiotics in a little less than three hours…


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One response to “Off to See the Doctor…

  1. claudia

    Well??? What happened at your doctors visit?!??

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