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Saturday Yoga

I’m on my way to the last yoga class I’ll teach this semester at the university. I’m really hoping that I’ll have actual participants today; it’s not unusual for university yoga classes to be lightly populated, particularly on a lovely, sunny, moderately warm Saturday morning at the end of the semester. It’s highly probable that I’ll be the only person in class this morning.

I’ve got to start exercising more. My graduate work has taken priority over my workout schedule over the past several months. One of my post-graduation goals is to bring up my attendance in fitness classes. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Does a Bear S**t in the Woods?!

The scene: Saturday morning. I’m in bed reading (A Dry White Season, if you’re curious). My beloved husband is sitting next to me tapping away on his laptop when he turns to me and asks “do you want to buy a cooktop today?”

Sorry?! Are you kidding?! You really think you have to ASK?!

Oh, and while we’re at it, can we buy an oven, too?! PLEEESE!!! I am desperate to bake again…

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Some Women Buy Shoes….

I buy books.

Bowyer and I spent part of yesterday afternoon together. He brought me to his favorite used book store. It’s a place I never would have thought to go into without being told how wonderful it is; it’s a little hole-in-the-wall tucked into a nearly abandoned, 1970’s era strip mall. It’s run by a man who is almost a freak of nature – he KNOWS books – authors, titles, where they are in his shop and how long it will take him to get them on order if he doesn’t have them on-site. It was wonderful.

When it was all over I came home with about 15 books. I’ve read four of them before (in the above pile, I’d already torn through Wicked and Ahab’s Wife last year) and I bought a copy of Crichton’s Timeline, which we used to have but loaned to someone – we’re not sure who – and never got it back. I was able to get a bunch of titles I’ve been wanting to have for my own, and did it all for a lot less money than I expected to spend.

I have ZERO time right now to do any reading, but once I do, I’m going to have plenty to work with. It’s exciting in a geeky sort of way.


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Another Milestone Reached

PunkinPie had her first sleep-over last night.

Well, TECHNICALLY, it’s not her FIRST sleep-over. She’s stayed overnight at Bowyer’s place a bunch of times, but Bowyer is family, so that doesn’t really count.

Anyway, she was wildly excited about the whole thing. Her little girlfriend called her on Friday to invite her to stay over on Monday night. We spent most of the weekend watching her bounce off the walls. At seven-thirty on Monday morning, she started packing. Seven-thirty in the morning! On the first day of April Vacation! GO BACK TO BED!!

She was a little out of control.

She was picked up yesterday in a minivan crammed with little girls and was in such a hurry to leave that she barely remembered to kiss me goodbye. Since Daddy wasn’t home when she left, we crashed her party after dinner so that proper love could be given. I had hoped she would call before she went to bed, but she didn’t.

She’s going to be gone most of the day today – the Party Girl’s mother has all kinds of activities planned for the group this afternoon – bowling, pottery painting, maybe a movie (though the weather seems to have broken, at least momentarily, so I suspect some outdoor time might be in the offering).

I HATE how much I miss her. I’m glad that she’s growing up, that she’s included in a group of friends, and that she has a good store of self confidence and independence, but I’m also sorry that she’s growing away from us, even just a little bit. I understand it’s my job to teach her how to do just that, but there are times when it’s harder than others.

And I suspect it will always be so.


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“You Are My Rock”

…these words were spoken to me yesterday by someone I love very much, someone who’s going through something difficult and painful and awful. While I’m so sorry my friend has to go through this, I am so glad that my friend recognizes that I’m here. Being there is one of the things I pride myself on. Being a good friend is one of the ways I define who I am.

I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time and energy being with this friend. I may not be able to do much more than listen, or provide a place to crash when things get to be too much, but I will do anything – and everything – that I can. It’s one of the things I do best.

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Happy Easter

We had a lovely day. I hope it was the same for you.

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Spring is starting to show herself around these parts. The only signs I can show you as yet are of the forsythia bush in the side yard…

…and the daylilies are starting to push through last fall’s leaves…

…oh, and this is a clump of what will eventually be violets. I’m excited to see them; I didn’t think they’d come back this year…

…and this is Te, lounging on her favorite spot on top of my car, where she can safely survey the land…

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