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Adventures in a Bridal Shop

Husband’s cousin is getting married in July and has asked the ladies to be her flower girls. I posted a while ago about this, after having found some adorable dresses for not-too-much money, where I expressed the hope that Cousin would like the dresses enough to allow the girls to wear them at the wedding.

We met her today at a bridal shop in a neighboring state. I brought the dresses with me, but Cousin never looked at them – by the time we got there, she and her mother (both of whom I love, by the way) were already pawing through the rack of flower girl dresses and yanking out numerous samples for the girls to try on. While I will admit that both the girls and I had a great time trying all those dresses on, I am a little stymied by a couple of things:

~since when did flower girl dresses become mini bridal gowns? ALL the dresses – literally ALL of them – were white or ivory with tulle and bows and, in some cases, even trains. No patterned fabric, no cap sleeves, no “little girlish” styles – all were tiny versions of the brides’ dresses that the store had on display.

~is there any other use, other than dress-up, to which a flower girl dress can be put? If yes, what? If not, do you think it’s possible to sell the things on consignment to at least recoup SOME of the expense? I dropped slightly less than two hundred bucks for what you see below, and while I’m happy to do what I can to make Cousin happy on her big day, the cheap Yankee in me is looking for a way to establish some financial balance through this whole affair.

The girls really ARE going to be beautiful in these dresses – I’m hoping that Cousin goes with the light green sash instead of the hot pink sash – but either way they’ll be lovely. I just wish they had potential to be more than just a one-time shot.


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