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Saturday Yoga

I’m on my way to the last yoga class I’ll teach this semester at the university. I’m really hoping that I’ll have actual participants today; it’s not unusual for university yoga classes to be lightly populated, particularly on a lovely, sunny, moderately warm Saturday morning at the end of the semester. It’s highly probable that I’ll be the only person in class this morning.

I’ve got to start exercising more. My graduate work has taken priority over my workout schedule over the past several months. One of my post-graduation goals is to bring up my attendance in fitness classes. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Does a Bear S**t in the Woods?!

The scene: Saturday morning. I’m in bed reading (A Dry White Season, if you’re curious). My beloved husband is sitting next to me tapping away on his laptop when he turns to me and asks “do you want to buy a cooktop today?”

Sorry?! Are you kidding?! You really think you have to ASK?!

Oh, and while we’re at it, can we buy an oven, too?! PLEEESE!!! I am desperate to bake again…

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