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What Happens in Vegas….

Husband’s best friend and fraternity brother, we’ll call him Dudley*, is getting married!

After a long and painful divorce from the mother of his two nearly grown sons – instigated by her, by the way – Dudley has done what he never thought he’d be able to do. The boy has fallen in love again. His fiancee, we’ll call her Squeaky*, is lovely; funny, smart, willing and eager for adventures. They came up in March to visit us and we all went snow tubing. We had a lovely time getting to know Squeaky, and it will be wonderful to welcome her into the family.

The wedding is going to happen in March in Vegas. I’ve never been to Vegas, and never really thought I would ever go. Husband is going to be standing up for Dudley, though, so we’re arranging sleepovers for the girls, who are staying in New England while we’re gone, checking out flight information and wondering where the hell we should stay amidst all that neon.

**Okay, even though I fully admit to being lousy at making up pseudonyms, I refuse to claim responsibility for these – when I asked Dudley if I could blog about his life and he said I could, I asked him what he wanted to be called. He came up with the names, which are the names of their respective cats. I just wanted you to know…


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Mostly Moved In!

We began the process of moving into the new living room this weekend!!

The couch and chair are in here, and all the a/v equipment is set up on the stand that was holding the stereo up off my bedroom floor because we decided to get rid of the huge, warping, lopsided entertainment cabinet (Husband and his Twin walked the thing to the end of the driveway, where we put a big “FREE” sign on it. Someone in an SUV took it away yesterday afternoon). I can’t actually say we’re “settled” into the room yet – it still looks unfinished – but that will be remedied when I hang a picture or two, when the speaker wires actually have speakers hooked to them and are no longer just dangling from holes in the wall, and when the plants have returned from their summer vacations in the front yards – but we’re IN!

Now begins the work of ripping the floor out of the old living room. The Brit, who built the addition and installed the wood floor in the two new rooms, told me that if I augment the supply of leftover wood with about three more boxes, he can replace the floor in the old living room, which is SORELY in need of replacing. His demolition guy costs $35 an hour. I’ve got two men and a couple of crow bars right here, so we’ll handle the demo work. Later this morning, I need to stroll across the street to where the Brit is building a ginormous addition on the neighbors’ house to see when he’ll be available to bang in the rest of my downstairs.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures yet – we blew our batteries at the wedding and I can’t find the battery recharger. As soon as I have photos, though, I’ll post them.

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