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Can You BELIEVE It?!

Check it out!!!





And, on top of all that, the last two cabinets have been installed!!!

It turns out that the counter boys were too chicken to cut the hole for the downdraft vent system that we bought, so Husband’s going to try to do that himself. You should have heard the man trying to break the news to me that the part he wants to have before he installs the vent won’t be here for another week, and he doesn’t want to risk installing the stovetop before he cuts the hole….

I’m hoping to have the sink installed tonight, though. I’ve lived with the Wal-Mart two-burner hotplate since December; I think I can manage another week without my fancy-dancey stovetop.

More later – for now, I’ve gotta go clean up the “post-construction trauma” left in the wake of today’s activity…


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Maybe Monday

Grrrr. The counter guys did not come today. I was told they would come today, and though I tried REALLY hard not to get attached to the date, here I am, disappointed that my kitchen won’t be done this weekend.

When Husband called this afternoon, the woman he spoke to said that, “from the looks of the board, I’d say maybe Monday.” Somehow, this does not offer me comfort.

sigh. The Universe serves up yet another lesson in detachment.


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Big News (with pictures!!)

We have a new great room floor!!

After a bit of unpleasantness on my part last week (Mamma had a meltdown; it wasn’t pretty), Husband enlisted Bowyer‘s help and ripped up, then reinstalled the wood in the great room! It’s GORGEOUS!

I spent Friday out – first having lunch with my old graduate seminar group, then driving up to the hinterlands to spend the night with WeedWoman – and I didn’t know that a floor install was in the plans. Bowyer came over on Friday afternoon and the two of them ripped the old floor up, rented the necessary compressor and staple gun, and bought the paper. What’s the paper for, you ask?

We don’t know, but the contractor who put down the other wood floors used it, so my men did, too.

The men managed to get through about a third of the job by the time I got home on Saturday afternoon. From there, we all worked well together: Bowyer worked the stapler and the big hammer, Husband did all the exact measuring, and I was the feeder, handing wood to Bowyer so he could staple it down.

We had EXACTLY enough wood to do the entire thing. See this little pile? Nine pieces. That’s all we had left over. That’s what you get when you’re not too picky about how every piece looks (“Bah!” Bowyer said to yucky pieces, “Bury that one in an edge!”) and you’ve got an engineer working the chop saw.

I am SO excited that things are really moving along now. The counter guys are supposed to come back tomorrow to install the finished countertops, which means I’ll have the stove and new sink installed by Sunday (hopefully!). For all intents and purposes, my kitchen will be DONE; all that’s left is the installation of some handles, a couple of high cabinets to install over my desk, and toekicks.

Then we move upstairs…..

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Obadiah Parker –

A friend sent me a link to a completely silly video of a cat flushing a toilet and, after many convolutions, I found this. Go here ( for their website. I like the original of this song, but I LOVE this remake.


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I’m Still Here…

..I’ve just been hectic-busy. I’ll have a post for you in the next day or so – complete with pictures! There have been big doings at the Chili household, which is part of why I’ve not been posting with my usual frequency (and what the pictures are about!).

Keep checking – there’ll be something here soon…

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It’s ALL Relative


The Universe has a way of putting things into perspective for us, if only we’re aware enough to see.

This afternoon, I got caught in a traffic jam on my way home from visiting a dear friend. Odd, I thought, since it was about two in the afternoon and, well, two in the afternoon isn’t prime traffic jam time, you know? Then I noticed a thick plume of very dark smoke in the not-too-distant distance. Then the police car came roaring up behind us, making those of us in the left lane pull onto the shoulder to let him pass. Then, as I got closer, I could make out the flashing lights of a fire truck, a flatbed, and a couple more police cars (though, thankfully, no ambulances).

A car had veered off the highway and into the grassy median and, it seems, caught fire. Then proceeded to catch the median on fire. The entire car was a smoking hulk – I could tell neither color, nor make or model – and a decent patch of the grass between the highways was scorched and smoking.

I’m grateful for my car problems.

***this isn’t a photo of the car fire I witnessed, but it’s a pretty good facsimile…


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It’s Only Been Ten Years…

I was rooting around in the basement this afternoon. The dumpster has to go back sometime this week, so I’ve been wandering around trying to offload anything that needs to go in there sooner rather than later because, well, there may not BE a later – a truck might roll up the driveway to take my dumpster away any day now.

While I was down there, gagging on the mold and pitching irredeemably damaged books (SOB!), I found many, many pretty green boxes. Contained within those boxes are five piece place settings of our china.

Most of those boxes were recieved as wedding gifts in 1996 and have never been opened. We never had the space to keep such prettiness safe and, therefore, kept the boxes intact. We’re fast approaching the finish line for the kitchen, though, and we’ve got OODLES of cabinet space now (and even if we didn’t, we’re going to have a cabinet that goes with the new dining room table, so there!). I’d like to find some of the finishing pieces – the veggie bowl and the platter – but very soon, we’re going to be able to use our wedding china!

I haven’t brought it up quite yet; the cabinets in which I’m imagining the stuff will eventually reside aren’t permanently installed yet – they’ll have to be taken down when the new floor is installed. The fact that there’s a chance that the plates will see daylight for the first time in ten years is exciting enough to warrant a blog entry, though, don’t you think?

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