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The McIrony Continues

So, earlier this week, I posted a link to the funny lady over at Yogabeans who wrote a deliciously wicked post (no pun intended) about the irony of McDonald’s putting the image of an American woman in a yoga pose on their bags. McDonald’s is working hard on an ad campaign that is trying to get us to associate their products with healthful living. Sadly, I think that some of us may just be willing to believe it.

Well, the campaign is going one step further. This afternoon I went to the health club where I work: I had to teach a class and pick up my pay stubs. Stapled to this week’s deposit receipt is a series of four McDonald’s coupons, good for everything from free egg McMuffins to free large sandwiches, with the purchase of another.

Let me restate – I work in a HEALTH CLUB.

I received complimentary McDONALD’S coupons attached to my paycheck.

Does anyone else see this as fundamentally wrong?

(I suppose, in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I do, on occasion, eat at McDonald’s. I’m a child of the 70s and 80s – my parents believed that french fries and the pickle on my burger counted as vegetables. Even taking into account the fact that I’ve been known to consume a Quarter Pounder (no cheese, extra onions, please), I am not immune to the profound – and slightly alarming – irony of McDonald’s coupons attached to a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR’S paycheck. Maybe they’re figuring to keep us in business?)

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My Life as a Movie

My life is rated PG-13!

Your life is rated PG-13!

What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

I’m betting it was the honest answer about the “minor of-age drinking” (I like a vanilla-rum-and-root-beer on the occasional Friday night) and the question about which “bases” I’ve gotten to (I’m very happily married and have two kids. It doesn’t take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure out that I might just make my way around the ball field on a fairly regular basis. Who’s your Papi?) that kept me from being a straight PG.

Oh, who am I kidding – it’s my, um, colorful language that pushed me into the realm of PG-13….

Thanks to Kizz for this one!


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Taking Care of Business

Okay, I’ve got a bunch of things to take care of, so I’m doing it all at once. Pay attention – participation will be expected at the end.

1) Gratitude, a day late: Here’s my list for Monday
-Dunkin’ Donuts. ‘Nuff said.
-good, gooey hair conditioner. Beanie’s got some wild hair, and it’s so much nicer to deal with when it’s properly conditioned.
-speaking of hair – my hair. When it’s cut just right – like it is right about now – it does this curly, wavy, chic thing that I just love.
-down comforters. It’s getting cool here at night – just the right temperature to leave the bedroom window open just a bit and snuggle under the warmth of the cover.
-houseplants. I’ve got a bunch of them, including some fig trees I’ve had for nearly 20 years and a bunch of fun new additions purchased over the last few weeks. I’ll post a picture of them soon – go to the magic flute post to see a bit of what they look like.

…and my list for Tuesday
-people who actually show up for my 8:30 step class at the University. I hate making the effort to come to a class when no one shows. That didn’t happen today – I had two girls with good attitudes this morning, and I’m grateful.
-NPR. I LOVE National Public Radio. I listen in my car and feel like I actually know something about what’s going on in the world.
-Elementary school teachers. Punkin’ Pie is in fourth grade and Beanie is in second, and tonight was the open house at their school. I’m SO grateful to their teachers for being smart, dedicated, funny and willing to spend their day with 20 or so little people. I certainly couldn’t do it, and I’m glad that there are good people out there who can.
-Sharp cheddar cheese. I made real mac and cheese for dinner tonight, and used about twice the cheese the recipe called for. There’s nothing like real, homemade mac and cheese to show your family how much you love them.
-Granny Smith apples. Well, apple season in general, really. I love tart, crisp apples; I love to eat them out of hand, I love to cook with them, I love to shove sticks in them and slather them in caramel. Mmmmmm.

2) I’ve just got to get this off my chest, because I can’t stand it any more. For the love of God, it’s:



3) I’ve been thinking about changing the template for this blog. What do you think? Time for a new look?


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Today’s Five

Today, I am grateful for:

1. The fact that I have a washing machine and dryer. I’ve managed about four loads of laundry today, and I’m mindful that many, many people – including more than a few I know personally – have to leave their homes to clean their clothes. I’m thankful that I don’t have to do that.

2. My Sunday morning fitness classes. I have two great groups of people who drag themselves out of bed on a Sunday morning to work out with me, and I really do look forward to seeing them every week – and I miss them when they decide NOT to drag themselves out of bed.

3. Kizz. She posted a Grey’s Anatomy Hot Person entry just for me over at her blog, and I’ve had a few back-and-forth emails with her today. Despite the fact that we live almost 300 miles apart and have almost polar opposite lives, she is still one of my most precious friends. Oh, and add Instant Message to this gratitude item: It’s because of IM that I get to “talk” to Kizz almost daily, and I’m sure that helps to keep our friendship strong.

4. Thomas’ Blueberry Bagels. Now, you need to understand that these aren’t actually REAL bagels. They’re big and puffy and soft and really don’t even come close to a poor imitation of a real bagel, but they are yummy, nonetheless – particularly when they’re right out of the toaster oven and soaked in just a little too much butter.

5. My husband. Really, he’s always Number One on my daily gratitude accounting, but today I’m particularly grateful for him because he re-wired all the downstairs light switches so that every single lightbulb down here can be dimmed. For those of you who don’t know me – or who don’t know this particular bit about me – I am part vampire. I really don’t LIKE a lot of artificial light. Having dimmers all over really makes me happy, and I’m grateful to my man for gettin’ it done!

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Our plastic action figure friends over at Yogabeans have posted a perfect entry about an American institution. Go see…

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To What End?

As of yesterday, September 23rd, the United States military death toll in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan met, and then immediately exceeded, the number of dead in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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Saturday Gratitude

1.I have a job. How cool is that?

2. Grocery stores. I love that I can go to one place and get pretty much anything my heart (or, more to the point, my tummy) desires.

3. Automobiles. This morning, I drove three towns over to visit my grandparents. It took me half an hour. As I motored my way to my old people, the thought struck me that, on horseback, this would be an all day trip, and horses don’t come equipped with heaters, windshield wipers and CD players.

4. Grey’s Anatomy. I’m with Kizz on this one – the writing is TOP NOTCH.

5. A warm bed and a good story. I’m rereading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and have made it to book two – Dragonfly in Amber. There’s little that’s more satisfying than a seriously good read on a rainy “clean sheet” day.

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