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Insert Spooky Laughter Here…

As promised: PICTURES! Love ’em while you’ve got ’em, because I’m going to delete this post in a few days. Having full-face pictures on the internet makes me uneasy, but these are just too good to pass up.

The truffle during the school parade. Notice Mr. VeryTall behind her. Seriously, the man has to duck to go through doorways:

The crew, on the way out to scam some loot. This is the first year Daddy went out with a costume. He liked having the cape – it was chilly last night:

The take! There’s one house that, every year, gives out GIANT Crunch bars. Someone in that family must work for Nestle or something, because those bad boys ain’t cheap:


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Did You Hear That?!?

That was ME, WHOOPING for JOY!

I came home from teaching this afternoon to find that my husband had come home for lunch and…

…installed my new keyboard and power button! I’m back on MY computer with MY bookmarks and MY files and MY mail program! It’s like I’ve been given a limb back, People. Seriously!

(and this picture? It’s a picture of THIS post – kind of like when a hostage holds today’s newspaper to show proof of life – just so you know I’m not making anything up)



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Well, thank GOD for small miracles!

It turns out that the battery switch a couple of weeks ago DIDN’T kill my computer, as we’d feared. After much tinkering by both computer repair guys (which amounted to exactly zero useful information) and my husband (who, genius that he is, figured out what the real problem was), it’s been determined that my power button crapped out.

That’s it! No disc failure, no hard drive meltdown, no memory damage, just a wonkey power button!

There is much rejoicing in Chili Land!

Husband says he’s ordered a new top bit for my computer; he wanted to replace the keyboard while he was at it – I’ve worn some of the paint off the keys and my bracelet, my wedding gift from my husband, has worn all the pretty metallic stuff off the right side of the keyboard where my wrist rests. The replacement parts should be in sometime this week!


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The Darkness…

I forgot that with the end of Daylight Savings Time comes the early darkness. It’s five minutes past five and pitch black outside. Pretty soon, it’s going to start getting dark at three thirty in the afternoon, and I’ll be gripped with an almost impossible-to-resist urge to crawl into my pajamas. I’m pretty sure humans were meant to hibernate.


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Sunday Love

I teach two classes at the health club on Sunday mornings: a step class that runs from 8:30-9:30 and a yoga class that runs from 9:30-10:30. I’ve been teaching these classes for years now – I forget how many, really – and nearly every single Sunday morning, my beloved has rolled over as I’ve snuck out of bed and made little coughing noises, indicating that I should call in sick and crawl back under the covers.

I won’t say that I’ve not been tempted, particularly on cold, rainy (or snowy) mornings when the pull of the feather comforter is especially strong. Add to that the fact that Sunday is “pancake day” in my house – my husband makes breakfast of some of the best chocolate chip pancakes ever experienced by human beings – and I miss it. Sure, there are leftovers waiting for me when I get home, but it’s just not the same. It’s almost enough to make me stay in bed.

I don’t call in sick, though, because – nearly every single Sunday for as long as I’ve done this – the people who come to my classes make it worth getting up and braving the cold (and missing the fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes). I have my “regulars” who, just by their presence, make the classes fun and rewarding. I’ve developed a sort of situational relationship with some of these people, and I really do look forward to seeing them each week.

Today, my step class was populated with seven regulars, and we had a blast. Strangely, the yoga class was packed today – 22 people in all – but several of them are people I see consistently each week. Two of them stayed after the class to tell me how much they enjoy it, how they look foward to it all week, and just generally conspired to make me feel glad about getting out of bed this morning.

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Fall Back

Daylight Saving Time
ends tonight. I always feel strange this time of year: I dread the impending winter with the cold and snow and the darkness that comes ever earlier, but I LOVE warm sweaters and woobie socks and the holidays.

And the extra hour of sleep I get tomorrow morning.

Today – or, rather, tonight – is one of my favorite days. It seems silly and insignificant, but I really dig the extra hour of sleep. For the first few weeks, until I start getting used to the shift, everything seems easier. I have more energy, I feel less rushed. My logical side (and yes, wise-guys, I have a logical side; I just choose to not use it too often. Don’t want to wear it out, you know) tells me that it’s only an hour. What possible difference can an hour one way or the other make?

My body tells my logical side to shove it – it makes a hell of a lot of difference. Talk to me in the spring when I’m always late for everything and dead tired for the first week or so of DST. I pry myself awake at what, yesterday, was FIVE-FREAKING-THIRTY IN THE MORNING. That’s just not right, and I resent it for longer than I should, despite the freshening weather and the extended play time in the evenings.

Falling back is, by far, my preferred direction.


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Items of No Particular Note

So, I really don’t have anything interesting or exciting to say, but I feel the need to write, so you get this:

*While on a whirlwind vacuuming tear across my house yesterday, having finally gotten fed up with the bits of dried leaves, myriad spider webs, and cat hair tumbleweeds, I found Beanie’s home folder! It’s been missing for more than a month and I’ve been giving her regular doses of shit for not having it. Anyway, I left it in the middle of the great room floor for her to find when she came home from school and when she saw it, her eyes lit up and she said, “MOMMY! You FOUND it?! You must be MAGIC!” Why, yes, thank you. I am.

(and the magic of a clean house didn’t last. I babysat my two nephews last night, and all four of the kids spent about an hour in the leaves in the front yard. My house is back to looking like the enthusiastic start of a really good compost pile. Sigh)

*Today is Hallowe’en in the girls’ school. Punkin’ is going as a “rose fairy” – she’s got a light green formal dress (a hand-me-down from a friend’s daughter) and fairy wings. Beanie is going as a Lindt truffle. A milk chocolate Lindt truffle, to be more specific. Daddy – an engineer – designed and built a contraption using under-floor heating pipe, tin foil, Duck Tape and acetate gift wrap. She’s going to look great. I MAY post a picture of them – a real, face-on picture – so you can see for yourself what gorgeous children I have. You’ll have to look quickly, though, because I won’t keep the photo up for long.

*There’s a change that has happened at the health club where I work that I want DESPERATELY to blog about, but the Universe is telling me “NO!” in rather emphatic fashion, so I’m going to refrain. I even had a whole section written about it, but the voices in my head screamed at me to delete it. Better judgment wins out over the desire to bitch.

*I’m spending the morning with Organic Mama. We’re going to do some in-service work for TCC and then go shopping. On Wednesday, we co-wrote a kick-ass final for the grammar classes we teach, but we didn’t get around to the homework our bosses gave to us, so that’s on the agenda for today (because I think it’s due on Monday). Even if we blow through the in-service, we won’t have time to get to Trader Joe’s, and I’m a little disappointed about that. A Target just recently opened in our general neighborhood, though, so that’s where we’re headed. I need to remember to pick up some girl-mittens and some dishwasher soap.

That’s about all I’ve got for you this morning. I promised you content – I never made any claims about the eloquence or excitement thereof…


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