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Not as Single Spies…


A lot of people I love very much are going through some not-so-nice stuff right now, and I’m feeling overwhelmed by an acute sense of helplessness as I stand by and watch them all struggle with their various troubles.

Some of my people are dealing with health issues that just can’t seem to be diagnosed or dealt with properly.  Others are experiencing a critical breakdown in communication in a relationship (or, in one case, the outright breakdown of the relationship itself).  None of it has anything to do with me, and I’m powerless to do much more than stand by and offer up whatever I can do to help my loved ones through to the other side.

It’s sad and more than a little scary to see these things happening to people I care so deeply for, and a huge lesson in how the Universe works that there’s nothing I can do to protect them from the lessons they have to learn as a result of these experiences.  I feel so useless as I assure them all that I’m here for anything they need.  It doesn’t seem to be enough, but it’s really all I can do.


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Mama Leone Left a Note On the Door…

We’re movin’ out!!

I’ve found us a nicer place in a better neighborhood.

Click here to join me there, ’cause you should never argue with a crazy ma-ma-ma-ma-mama! You oughta know by now!

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