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Pre-holiday Prep

I’ve got a ton of things to do today, and I’m hoping I don’t forget anything important.

Once I hit “publish” here, I’ve got to make Beanie’s lunch (Punkin’s having the cafeteria’s offering today), then get ready to teach my step class at nine.  I’ll probably have to shower at the club because the guys putting our new heating system in (YAY!!  The WHOLE house will be heated soon!!!) will be cutting into the old system today, likely cutting off my hot water supply.  WeedWoman is, hopefully, coming to see me today – I’m going to buy some of her goodies as gifts for folks and I bought something she needed while I was at IKEA last week.   She wants to go to my favorite bookstore at some point, and I have to score some Ghirardelli squares to have around when people arrive for Christmas.  Beyond that, it will just be good to spend some time with her; it feels like I’ve not seen her in a really long time.

I’ve got to do some baking today for the girls’ holiday parties at school.  Beanie’s celebration is tomorrow and Punkin’s is on Friday.  I’m going to whip up a couple dozen cupcakes for the occasions, and let them deal with frosting and sprinkling red and green decorations on them – I love that they’re old enough to do that.

In and among all that is a bunch of fussy stuff that I should do – drag the vacuum around, grab the girls’ laundry, move some miscellaneous stuff out of the family room and up into a closet somewhere out of the way.  My husband’s twin arrives this evening, too, so I have to keep an eye on the clock so I don’t forget to leave to pick his butt up. I’m looking forward to having him here – it really starts to feel like Christmas when Bruder arrives.

That’s all for now!  Off to start my day!!


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