Daily Archives: December 22, 2006

Snapshots of a Friday Morning

*I woke to find the northern sky the most amazing shade of baby pink.

*When I went in to wake the girls for their last day of school before vacation, Punkin’ informed me that I’d hurt her (I’d nudged her into waking by rubbing her back).  “What?” I said.  “You hurt me!” she repeated, “When you handed me the french fries, I burned myself. ”  Oh.  Sorry, Honey; I didn’t realize they were still so hot.

*I’m meeting Kizz for lunch today.  I’ve been feeling very fragile lately, particularly after the unexpected death of my friend.  It will be very good to see Kizz, whom I love dearly, and to put my arms around her and assure myself that we’re both still here.

*My list for the day includes cleaning, double checking Christmas lists, laundry, mapping out the cooking logistics for Christmas dinner, and baking egg nog bread for the participants of my Sunday morning step and yoga classes.

*OH!  Big news!  The plumbers are finally finished in my basement!  After making an UNHOLY racket down there for the last two days, they’ve successfully installed our radient floor heating!  The whole house has heat!  I’ll tell you what: you haven’t lived until you’ve strolled around on toasty floors.  Mmmmm!


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