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…check out the blogroll! We’ve got a new blogger!

NHFalcon, who is fast becoming a good friend of mine, has decided to start writing online, and I’m very excited he has. He’s smart and funny and writes exceedingly well. Go on over and check him out; you won’t be sorry you did.

Tell him Chili sent you!


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Ten Things Tuesday

Holiday Edition!

1. It is entirely possible for us to host 11 people for dinner in our newly expanded house. Not only is it possible, it is quite enjoyable – though I did wish I had a bigger dishwasher.

2. My movie collection was expanded yesterday to include What Dreams May Come (I have the book, but wanted the movie, too), the first seasons of The Muppet Show and 24, Amistad and the Die Hard Trilogy!

3. A well-brined, 22 pound turkey will roast to a safe internal temperature in just under three hours.

4. I have 13 hours of holiday music on my iPod.

5. I did not give my husband his “winner” gift this year, but I was party to its being purchased for him. On my suggestion, his dad gave him a gorgeous reproduction of an old fashioned map of the world, which will be framed forthwith and hung on a vast expanse of empty wall in the dining room / library.

6. The chocolate bread pudding was a winner. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

7. I learned that it is vitally important to line a pan in which one bakes homemade cinnamon rolls with parchment paper. I was only able to extract one bun, and the pan was a nightmare to clean.

8. My sister received a bottle of Crown Royal from MeadMaker, so I got to try whiskey for the very first time. I liked it quite a bit, and may obtain my own bottle some time in the not so distant future. I don’t remember which blogger made the “chocolate and whiskey”comment, but I can see now why that would be considered a treat…

9.  Pistachios are VERY addictive.

10.  It was a most excellent holiday celebration here at Chez Chili and, though I’m thoroughly exhausted at the moment, I’m very, very glad we were able to do it.


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