What the HELL!?

Yesterday, I posted an entry announcing a new blogger in our midst.  The comments I’m getting to that post tell me that the link I included sends readers to the National Weather Service website, but when *I* click that link, I get taken right where I’m supposed to be.  What’s UP with that?!?

I suspect that none of my commenters would play such a practical joke on me, though I can’t be certain; being, as they are, a bunch of very funny folk.  I can’t see that anything is wrong, though, which means I can’t fix it.  No one’s told me, yet, if the same thing happens when they click on the link in my blogroll.

SO!  If you’re among those who are being erroneously directed to the weather forecast for Ft. Worth, Texas while trying to reach my friend’s new blog, type this:


into your browser window and see what happens.   Let me know, okay?  If this is a problem, I’ve gotta get the WordPress people on it..



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6 responses to “What the HELL!?

  1. Morning,

    The link in the blogroll that says Falcon’s Eyrie has too many http in the address, that’s why it comes up not found.

  2. Brian, you ROCK!! Thanks!

    I had just cut and pasted the address, not realizing that wordpress already supplies us with the initial “http://” in the link window! Thanks for figuring that out for me!


  3. That will be $99.99 please. LOL

  4. Organic Mama

    Would I kid you? Ok, mebbe, but didn’t. Thanks for clearing that up, Brian, although weather emergencies in Forth Worth ARE very interesting… Welcom NH Falcon!

  5. Weed Woman

    Th elink in your text works fine.

  6. The link worked fine for me, but maybe it was after you fixed it.
    Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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