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The REAL Reason I Hate Snow…

Because it brings out the MORON in every driver!

Holy crap!

We got our first appreciable snowfall today.  It totaled to about two inches or so – really, nothing major.  The family, having a little bit of cabin fever, decided to take a trek to the mall (usually a 10 minute or so ride) to have a light lunch and trade a pair of jeans that Husband got for Christmas for a different color.

It took us 45 minutes to get to the mall.  Now, lest you think we’re masochists, the trip is such that we reach a point of no return about halfway there – we’re dumped onto a highway on which the first exit is to the mall and there’s no way to turn back.  Also, the road is built such that one can’t SEE if there’s a nightmare on the highway until one is actually ON said highway.

Traffic was, obviously and rightly, very slow.  That, in itself, wasn’t the problem.  No, the problem was the guy in the SUV facing north in the southbound passing lane of the two lane bay bridge  We’re betting that he got that way by gawking at the seven or so cars in various states of crunchitude on the north bound side of the  road.  Ugh.  Once we got past the show, though, things were smooth, if slow, going.

We decided to take our sweet time at the mall – it was pretty obvious, from the state of the northbound highway (our only way home) that we wouldn’t be rushing home, anyway.  After a leisurely stroll through the Levi’s and Lands’ End departments of Sears, the Chili family had a food court lunch, headed back into the snow to get to a grocery store to procure fixings for New Year’s dinner, and made its way back home.

The going was MUCH better coming back than going out, though people were still driving like morons.  Allow me to remind the morons of the world that driving an SUV or a Volvo, even one equipped with top of the line snow tires, does NOT excempt one from THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!

Mona Lisa VitoSir Issac Newton doesn’t give a fig if it’s got all wheel drive or posi-traction, a body in motion is going to stay in freaking motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force – and that force had better not be MY car.

Also, unless you’re Superman and have x-ray vision, clean the f**king snow off the back window!  UGH!


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