New Year’s Affirmations

On Sunday mornings, I teach yoga classes at a local health club. After leading my class through a series of poses and stretches, reminding them to breathe and focus, I take them through a relaxation at the very end of the hour. I ask them to visualize a little ball of light that originates in their heart center and to allow that light to float above them. They notice everything they can about their little marble of energy – what color it is, whether it radiates outward or glows from within, whether it spins or pulses or hums – then I ask them to fill themselves with that light from their foreheads down. I talk them through their bodies, letting the light melt and chase tension all the way out their toes, then I let them lie still and quiet for a few minutes because, really, there’s not enough “still and quiet” in anyone’s life.

Just before I “wake” them, I try to give them something to focus on; something to contemplate about themselves or the world around us. I want them to recognize that they matter; that their energy is vital to the balance of the Universe. I very often leave myself is tears after these little speeches, and I’ve had participants thank me for reminding them of just how important a single light in the darkness can be.

I bet you didn’t know I was such a flake, did you?

Anyway, my club was open for classes on New Year’s Eve morning which, this year, happened to be a Sunday. Yesterday’s end-of-class talk went something like this:

This is the time of year when we seem to focus on our deficiencies. We make resolutions: we promise ourselves that we’ll change this year; we’ll lose weight, we’ll get organized, we’ll be better people. What I’d like you to do now, though, is to focus on what you’re doing right. What do you radiate from your being? What do others come to you seeking? What are your strengths? Don’t forget to honor those gifts you carry with you. Don’t dismiss the power of a kind gesture, of a gentle word, of a smile. Certainly continue to strive to be who you were meant to be on your journey, but don’t forget who you already are.

Here’s who I already am:

I am a good wife, an excellent mother, and a true and faithful friend.

I am kind and thoughtful, and will happily go out of my way to aid or comfort another – any other, strangers included.

I am quick to see the humor in most situations, and strive to point it out to others so that things can seem a little lighter and easier for everyone.

I try to be mindful of others, and to learn as much as I can from what they have to teach me.

Who are you?



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4 responses to “New Year’s Affirmations

  1. I am a multiple. I am a Dom.

    I am slowly finding my way out of the darkness.

    I love my wife.

    I found friends in 2006 for the first time in my life.

  2. I am accepting.
    The people in my life are what it’s all about.
    I truly like many different kinds of people, not just people who are like me or who agree with me.
    I am a very loyal friend.
    I protect kids and animals.
    I know how to say i’m sorry.

    Thanks for asking. 🙂

  3. I had not read this post before you prompted me to on my blog–got behind on my reading. I’m pondering my affirmations.

    Thanks for all your insights, chit-chat, and simple presence.

  4. wayfarerbrian

    I meant to post to this before and got sidetracked. Sorry! It’s a great activity, and I’m glad you put it up here.

    I have some affirmations in the profile I keep on my blog, but here are some others:

    –I make learning pretty much anything entertaining and fun.

    –I am full of stories.

    –I am a voice of wisdom and experience to my children–those who are my flesh and blood as well as those who are “adopted”.

    –I am a jack-of-many-trades.

    –I am good at helping people discover who they are and what they’re capable of.

    –I am 32 flavors of weird, and I support and embrace everyone else’s weirdness.

    –I am forthright, but not brutal.

    –I will protect and defend the people in my House against anything, even if they were wrong. This does not mean I will save them from necessary consequences, but it does mean that I will act in their interests to see fairness done.

    –I see the big picture.

    I feel like I could go on, too. What a great exercise! I feel so great about myself! [now, where did I put that super suit and cape…]

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