Ten Things Tuesday

We’re into the second half of 100 things!

51.  I am constantly amazed that I can go into a store for toothpaste and shampoo and come out having spent $100 dollars and only carrying two bags.

52.  I love the West Wing, ER, Medium, Grey’s Anatomy, Wanted and Rescue Me.  I’m really hoping Wanted and Rescue Me get picked up for at least a few more seasons (though it looks like Wanted is gone for good), and that Santa gifts me a season of the West Wing on DVD until I have every last show.

53.  Even though The Sixth Sense is one of my all-time favorite movies, I’m always a little sad that I can never see it again for the first time.

54.  I was 37 years old the first time I smoked pot.  I must have done it wrong, because I don’t think it had any effect on me.

55.  I believe that all the truths in the Universe can be found somewhere in Calvin and Hobbes.

56.  I am deeply, deeply suspicious of organized religion.  I’ve seen it do far more harm than good.

57.  I watched far too much television as a child.  I have many fond memories of Hogan’s Heroes, The Munsters, All in the Family, Chico and the Man and a bunch of others.

58.  I hold a Master’s degree in Secondary English teaching.  I’m not sure, but I think I may want my Ph.D.

59.  I’ll spend $15 on an item I never intended to buy to make up a high enough total to get out of paying shipping for Amazon.  I hate paying postage.

60.  I can swear with alacrity (and often do!).  This amuses some of my friends, shocks others, and annoys my husband.  I totally get blamed any time my daughters swear in public (and rightly so!).



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16 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I didn’t know the gay people had co-opted the rainbow (I certainly don’t begrudge the rainbow to anyone, as long as they don’t claim they own it). “Why are there so many songs about rainbows . . . .”

    I don’t have any bumper stickers on my Element. I’m an Element kind of guy, but not a sticker kind of guy.

    Organized religion, to me, is a bunch of clubs where, if you don’t want to belong, they don’t want you on “their” planet. One advantage of getting older is that for more and more people who don’t want me on “their” planet I can stick my tongue out and say (or think)–“Fuck you, I was here before you.” People older than me could say that too–but, then, I don’t go around wishing them off “my” planet.

    Oh, I utter vile oaths and imprecations, too.

  2. Organic Mama

    53 makes me smile. I don’t have the greatest memory and often forget things I wish I could hold onto, but there are some books and movies whose plots and scenes are seared into my mind that I would dearly LOVE to experience for the first time again. I had the Sixth Sense spoiled for me prior to my seeing it, so I will never know how it would have been to see it and not already know. Give me a mind wipe for the LOTR books and movies, please!

    Sulfurous oaths, pirate-like expletives – Bring them on!

  3. I’ll be sending along The West Wing as soon as I can.

    I’m also known for my swearing. Though I am trying to be careful around Booger. She busted out a “damn it” the other day and everyone looked right at me. Whoopsie.

  4. You’ve smoked pot, and your fine on Contrary’s list of fines and infractions came to $145.50?!? What the crap?! I have never so much as handled the stuff, and I was over $300!

    Sigh. Who’s the prude now?

  5. So how the hell old are ya anyway, ya big pothead? (I did my pot smoking at a much earlier age and I did it up right)

  6. I turned 38 fifteen days ago. I’ve only tried it once, and I must have done a crappy job because, according to the friends I was with, I should have been GOOD and stoned. I also don’t react to codeine or Vicodin, either, so it may have more to do with my metabolism than with my technique….

  7. Auntie

    I stopped smoking pot when i found out Pumpkin Pie was in the oven because i didn’t want to be a stoner Auntie. I have to admit i miss it at times..

  8. I thought we were the same age! Well, you’re an entire half a month older than me, ya crone. Oh, and I hear ya, Auntie.

  9. WOW! This item got more comments than my posing nude!

    Auntie, did it do anything for you? Because, seriously? Nothing…

  10. Auntie

    Yes it did! When I couldn’t sleep, nite, nite. When I was grumpy it cheered me up. When I was already in a good mood, I became, as the kid’s at my work like to say, redonkulas. I would laugh till it hurt. I, unlike you, am VERY sensitive to any medication.

  11. Well, I got the short end of THAT stick, huh?

  12. I also got the short end of my attempt at pot smoking. Once was enough, thank you.

    Right there with you on religion and C&H.

    None of Shamalayan’s (sp?) have done anything for me. He ranks right up there with the Blair Witch project in terms of all hype no substance, imho

    I would love to be able to watch the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time again and again and again and again…

    You want swearing? Come talk to me, my friend. I thought I was good at it, then I read Richard Marcinko’s Rogue warrior novels. Whole new levels of profanity.

  13. #56, yes, me too. I think it’s scary.

    #59, ha ha. I do that too because i am cheap. Makes no sense of course.

    #60, it’s my fault at our house.

  14. jrh

    Don’t bother with the nonSork WW. Not worth it.
    Santa gave me all 4 Sork seasons for Christmas this year. I must have been very good. Maybe he’d have done the same for you if you hadn’t smoked the pot…


    I disagree with your assessment of the nonSork WW. While I DO agree that they weren’t great, after that first nonSork season, though, they got appreciably better. Still not the top-notch we’re used to from AS, but still some good stuff.

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