Daily Archives: February 2, 2007

Wherefore Art Thou, Sting?

images.jpegHOW do I do stuff like this?

I’ve somehow managed to lose a CD – my copy of The Police’s Synchronicity, to be exact. It’s making me crazy.

Now, I understand losing things that travel a lot. Gloves, wallets, sunglasses, cell phones; these things move around with a person and can easily be set down on some random store counter or left in a doctor’s office or bank. My CDs, though? They live in one spot, all together, alphabetized, even. Sure, some of them get to go on field trips to the upstairs stereo, and a few even make it into my car for a bit, and I’ll concede that there are some CDs – the ones with step or yoga music – that are quite itinerant, but the CD in question, as far as I know, has never left the rack, never mind the house.

I’m not just imagining that I ever had the CD, either. I know for sure I had a copy, not only because I’m just sure, but also because songs from it are currently living in my iTunes library. This is not some sort of sad hallucination on my part.

Sting is a staple of my collection, and the album is one of my favorites. I’m hoping it will just turn up somewhere, but I’m also seriously considering just buying a new copy. Maybe I’ll toss it into the next Amazon order so I can avoid paying shipping costs….


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