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Kizz’s List, #6

Ms. Kizz has a list of prompts up at her blog, and I’ve found myself in need of some inspiration, so she’s set me to writing about Valentine’s Day.

images-2.jpeg My earliest recollections of Valentine’s Day have to do with elementary school and Scooby Doo valentines given to EVERYONE in the class, even the snotty girls who were mean to me and the boy who smelled funny. There were usually parties at school, which involved decorating brown paper bags with cut out hearts and paper lace, usually applied with paste (we didn’t have glue sticks back then) and masking-taping them to our desks as mailboxes for our valentines. The refreshments were almost always heart shaped sugar cookies (probably of the Pillsbury variety) and fruit punch in Dixie cups.

Valentine’s day never really got much better as I got older. I was rarely without romantic companionship once I got to high school, but none of them ever put out much effort for Valentine’s day. As a matter of fact, the most memorable Valentine’s day I ever had was the first one that came around after my husband and I started dating. At the time, he was working for a company that produced car parts. Using a manila folder and the flocking material that used to be used for headliners, he fashioned a Valentine’s card for me: a big, maroonish-purple, flocked heart that he delivered to my office, along with an invitation to dinner . I don’t remember where we ate, but I know exactly where that card is.

This year, Valentine’s day will be all about my girls. I hit the dollar aisle at Target a few weeks ago (damn them! They know JUST how to hook me!) and bought an impressive array of useless Valentine’s goodies: lip gloss in heart-shaped cases, stickers, little necklaces, and a bunch of other little girly things that I can’t call to memory right now, but that I know they’ll just eat up. They’ll find the gifties, all put in lovely little gift bags festooned with hearts and cupids, next to their breakfast bowls on Valentine’s day morning. I’ll be their hero which is, of course, what I live for.

I haven’t figured out yet what I’m going to do to mark the occasion for my husband, but I want to do something. I am deeply, almost irrationally in love with this man and, even though I try to let him know that every single day, I like the idea of making a special occasion out of it. I have an inkling or two of what I might put together – I’ll need to enlist the help of the girls for part of it – but I haven’t yet lighted upon the perfect way to celebrate on February 14th. Here’s hoping that the muse strikes me with time to spare – the perfect gift is made less so if the giver has to scramble to get it done…


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