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Batten Down the Hatches!!

iws1_430.jpgThe news and weather people are all in a tizzy about the storm that’s coming toward New England at the moment.  Depending on where the rain/snow line is, we could get upwards of feet of snow in our neighborhood.  FEET, People.  That’s a lot of snow.

I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  I mean, not REALLY – snow is generally a royally inconvenient pain in the ass – but when we know it’s coming and are prepared for it, it can actually be fun.

I expect that the girls will be home from school tomorrow.  I have a meeting at the health club tonight, and I’m going to mention to my boss that there’s a better than even chance that I won’t be coming in to teach my Wednesday morning step class, either.  I’ll stop off at the market on the way home to make sure I’ve got plenty of snacky sort of foods to hand – snow days are generally celebrated with DVDs, chips and popcorn – and I’ll also want to make sure I’ve got tomato soup and grilled-cheese fixings.  Husband put the gas can in his car this afternoon so that he can fill up Thumper, the  snow blower that we inherited when WeedWoman and her husband moved to the hinterlands and bought themselves a Jeep with a plow on it.  They’re going to need that plow, poor babies – they’re no where NEAR the rain/snow line.

My only hope is that the power stays on; the weather people are talking about heavy snow with the possibility of icing that might be a problem for power lines.  If we keep our juice (and our heat), though, it has the makings of a nice, well-needed day off.


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