Daily Archives: February 17, 2007

Missing My Mr.

images2.jpegMr. Chili is in Maryland, doing pre-wedding, bachelor-type things with Dudley. I’m glad that he was able to go, and I hope that they’re having a wonderful time, but I really want my husband back.

I’ve been told that Mr. Chili and I have an unusual marriage. My husband is my best friend. He’s the first person I want to call when something happens to me – good or bad. I’m happiest when we’re together. A few years ago, he was out of work for a significant amount of time and took up independent work from home for the better part of a couple of years. I LOVED it; I loved having him around all the time. I remember Bowyer expressing concern for that arrangement, telling me that it’s better for a marriage if the couple doesn’t spend TOO much time together. That’s not how our marriage works.

I’m not possessive. I don’t keep my husband on the proverbial short leash. I’m not complaining that he’s gone, either – not even a little. We don’t live in each other’s pockets. He periodically sends me off for overnights at WeedWoman’s or to long weekends with Kizz and I love it that he’s off playing with Dudley – he needs the free time and the bonding with his best friend – they don’t get to see nearly enough of each other.

I’m just saying that I won’t feel right until he’s home again.


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