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Ten Things Tuesday

We’re getting close to the limits of my list – I’ve got to add to it again before I can post another ten things from it…

61.  When I was a little girl, my mother made me keep my hair very, very short in a style that’s called a ‘pixie.’  I hated her for it, and grew my hair out as soon as she relinquished control over it.  It’s never been shorter than shoulder length since, and is now a lovely, shoulder-length mass of dark auburn waves.

62.  I’ve owned five cars in my lifetime: a Renault Fuego (white), a Honda CRX (red), a Honda CRX SI (black), a Volkswagon Jetta GT (black) and a Volkswagon Golf (black).  Each and every one of them was a five speed manual transmission (the Jetta and the Golf still move my family around, by the way…).

63.The most horrible gift I’ve ever been given was a medly of processed cheese products, re-gifted to me from my biological mother one Christmas.  I’ve been given many, many lovely gifts.

64.  I can have wonderful, funny, animated conversations with complete strangers at the checkout line in the grocery store, but find mingling at parties where I don’t know many people particularly difficult.

65.  I wrote my own obituary for a college class once.  I highly recommend the exercise – it helped me to clarify what’s really important in my life.

66.  I make my bed every day – unless my husband makes it first.

67.  I do not own a single pair of high-heeled shoes.  I wore flats to my wedding.

68.  I have a slightly OCD thing where, if a light is on, its switch should be up.  This has caused problems in my house where double-switched lights (the kitchen, the garage and the basement) were concerned, so Husband installed push-button switches for me.

69.  My heritage is almost entirely Scottish – I’ve got MacLeod on one side and MacPherson on the other, but I’ve not traced any of my genealogy yet.  Not that it matters; you can tell just by looking at me.

70.  I’ve never broken a bone.  At 5’2”, and well over 110 lbs. (and no, I’m not telling you HOW far over…), I’m what could best be described as a “hearty New England woman.”  The words “lithe” and “willowy” have never been applied to me.


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