Shhh! If We’re REALLY Quiet, Maybe She’ll Go Away!

It occurred to me this afternoon that it’s been a week since I wrote my letter to Bertucci’s. As of this moment, I’ve not heard a peep back from them. I have to say that I’m really disappointed by the fact that no one has bothered to acknowledge my letter.

I composed this letter to be as professional and objective as possible, and I didn’t make any unreasonable demands for compensation. It was fairly obvious, I thought, that I wasn’t some whining crazy woman who wanted a free meal out of the deal, and I had hoped that would increase the chances of someone responding to the note. I had thought that the manager of the store – who, ostensibly, WANTS this kind of feedback as he left a stack of business cards on the hostess’s desk at the front of the restaurant – would have at least taken a moment to fire off a “Gee, Mrs. Chili, we’re really sorry about the other night. Thanks for calling this to my attention” kind of email.

It seems that I thought wrong, and this makes me a little sad.

A lot of us – me included – make noise about the lack of common courtesy in our society. We complain about how few people employ basic manners, about how few people are willing to step up and be accountable for the things within their control, and about how rarely we demonstrate respect or empathy for one another. I had hoped that the letter I wrote to the manager of Bertucci’s would see this as an opportunity to do some of those things, and I’m sad that my more pessimistic views, which I’d hoped to dispel a bit, are being spectacularly reinforced.



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3 responses to “Shhh! If We’re REALLY Quiet, Maybe She’ll Go Away!

  1. I have found in recent years that replies to communications are rarer than unicorns. If I need some sort of tradesperson, and don’t have one in mind, I’ll look on bulletin boards where they post cards, call, talk to a voicemail or machine, and never get a reply. I could cite innumerable examples of this kind of thing. It seems communication is no longer something people desire, but something they avoid–even if the communication might have brought them economic benefit!

    So, not to be a crappy communicator, I haven’t forgotten you asked for a pic, and I’ll send it along. Do you want the full size file?

  2. E-mail him again and ask him wtf.

  3. Well, maybe, maybe, maybe it takes longer than a week for a response. But probably not. That is disappointing. I think you should do what kizz says.

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