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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten random things I could do very nicely without, thank you very much:

1. Telemarketers, donation solicitors, political phone calls (especially the computer-generated kind) and religious nuts who come to my door with pamphlets. I’m okay with Girl and Boy Scouts, though.

2. Dust, dust bunnies, spider webs and cat hair tumbleweeds. Oh, and the bits of toothpaste that end up splattered on the bathroom mirror…

3. Parking meters.

4. Local television commercials. We’ve got two companies in particular – a furniture store and a car dealership – whose ad campaigns are just DREADFUL. Seriously.

5. Having to buy special city trash bags. The city instituted a new policy whereby our trash will only be taken away if it’s in city trash bags. These can be bought – for TWO DOLLARS A BAG – at the grocery store. My problem with this is twofold; first of all – TWO DOLLARS A BAG! Where the *&$% is our tax money going that we need to pay two dollars for a plastic bag? Secondly, the bags have to be bought at the register of the grocery store – they’re not on the shelves – and I almost always forget to buy them because I’m busy bagging groceries and paying the bill.

6.  Acne. I’m thirty-eight, for Christ’s sake. Enough, already.

7. Development. The city has decided to put a grocery store up the street from where I live. There was, as far as I know, no vote on the matter, no publicly announced forum for discussion, and no study done to determine the need for or effects of building a grocery store in that location. The city has, for the last ten years, been a whore for the developers, and I feel like it’s finally gotten to be too much. Of course, there’s little I can DO about that feeling, so I’ve got to figure out how to deal.

8.  Junk mail. Truly; I recycle at least a couple of pounds of paper a week in fliers, advertisements, the free city paper (which I’ve called to cancel, but they keep sending me, anyway, though, to be fair, I do occasionally read it) and miscellaneous crap. I get a couple of catalogues that I really like, but the rest just goes right into the recycle bin in the garage on the way in the door.

9.  Wise-ass students who don’t do the work but complain about their grades and behave as though their spectacular failure is somehow my fault.

10.  Automated customer service lines – especially the ones that lead you around in an enormous loop without ever actually meeting your customer service needs, and that never give you the option of speaking to a real human being.  Our land line went out on Saturday afternoon, and I SWEAR TO GOD that I was on the customer service line with my cell phone for 28 minutes before it finally told me – get this – that the customer service offices were closed and I should call back on Monday.


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