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Other People’s Classes

I have a pretty busy schedule. On Wednesdays, that schedule includes a chiropractor’s appointment before I teach my step class, then home to shower, then to College Town to pick up Mr. Chili for our weekly lunch date.

Mr. Chili was in the deserts of New Mexico this past weekend, though, and decided to work through lunch so he could bail out of work in the early afternoon, so our lunch date was effectively canceled.

I’ve been making a lot of noise (but that’s all I’ve been doing) about getting more exercise. As it stands lately, the only exercise I get is had while I’m the one leading the class and that has become – how shall I put it? – insufficient. Since my lunch date was off today, I decided to stick around after my step class to attend the yoga class that immediately follows.

I think I run a very, very nice yoga class. The moves flow from one to another with very little interruption. There’s no switching from floor poses to standing poses and back again, I do the balancing poses early in the class (so we’re not too tired to hold ourselves up), I offer a lot of alternate poses for the more difficult maneuvers, and I give a lot of visualization-type instruction so that people can safely and effectively get into the poses (“imagine you’re holding on to a long board with both hands and make your shoulders line up with each other,” that sort of thing).

Now, I’m not saying that the class I went to was bad. I’m not even hinting at that. It was certainly different from my classes, though, and it was a little disconcerting to be as comfortable with my class as I am and go into someone else’s class and be, as it were, on the other side of the proverbial big desk.

I learned a couple of very interesting and valuable things this morning, though. I learned that it’s very, very jarring when the instructor speaks at full volume before bringing the class out of the relaxation. I need to be mindful of starting the wake-up process with a low, soft voice – a whisper, even.

I also found out that I can do this:


(no – that’s not me; I don’t bring cameras to class with me….)

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