Sorry, Fellas…

images2.jpeg….better luck next year.

The Syracuse University Orangemen lost their NCAA playoff game this afternoon.  That means, for the second year in a row, I will not be a March Madness widow.   It also means that Dudley won’t be ducking out of his own wedding reception (with all of his groomsmen, by the way) to watch a basketball game.



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7 responses to “Sorry, Fellas…

  1. As I have done for several years now, I will be cheering for all the 13-16 seeds. I don’t care who they are. I just want one of them, some year, to be a true Cinderella team and make the Final Four.

    Go underdogs!

  2. Dudley

    My Dear Mrs. Chili, you are mistaken. They only got knocked out of the Big East tourney. They are still projected as #10 seed in the NCAA tournament.

    With the previous day’s win over UConn, they are IN the NCAA.

    With any kind of luck, part of our time in Vegas will be spent watching the Orange play in a Sweet 16 game.

    God help us all if that game is on during the reception 🙂

  3. Dudley is right, to my surprise. They are still currently projected to make the Big Dance. I’ll say I’ll be surprised if it’s as high as a #10 seed, but with all the freakiness going on in the tournaments right now, they could easily end up that high. I’m thinking they’ll be an underdog worthy of support, but I don’t think they’ll advance beyond the first round. Sorry, Dudley.

  4. Bah – God help YOU, Dudley. My husband is secure in the knowledge that I don’t mind his sneaking off to watch basketball (and Mr. Chili and I got married in June, so this wasn’t an issue for us) – I don’t know Squeaky well enough to know if this will be a problem for YOU, however…

  5. Dudley

    She picked the date. I warned her of the perils of March Madness and a wedding party full of Orangemen, not to mention three former mascots/cheerleaders.

    Oh… and my Dad is big fan too.

    She knows what she’s getting herself into 🙂

  6. Geez, I hope so – because she could be spending a good portion of your wedding reception either alone or in front of a television…

    …and bonus points to you for giving her fair warning. I’m impressed.

  7. Dudley

    Well, it’s fun to talk a good game here…..

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