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I have been teaching fitness classes at my health club for going on seven years now. I joined the club as a member just after Beanie was born; I knew she would be my last baby and I really needed to regain control of my body. I took classes there for about a year, all the while thinking, “hell, *I* can teach this stuff.” I took some classes, got a couple of certifications, and applied for a job.

Over the years, I’ve taught strength training, aqua aerobics, pre-natal aqua aerobics, deep water aerobics, kid yoga, grown-up yoga, and step. One of the things I love about working at the health club is that the schedule can be so flexible – one summer, I taught 11 classes a week; last year, during the end of my Master’s program, I dropped down to one.

Right now, I teach four classes a week at the club. On Sundays, I teach a step class until 9:30, then go upstairs and teach an hour of yoga. On Wednesdays, I teach a step class until ten, then run an abs-only workout until quarter past (and yes, I count that measly fifteen minutes as a class. If it burns, it counts, dammit).

I have some faithful regulars in all of my classes, and I love each and every one of them. Today’s step class was a HOOT. My regulars were not only in attendance, but in classic, fun form. There was laughing. There was sarcasm. There were references to margaritas and bloody Marys. Really, a class isn’t a success unless there’s laughter and, by that standard, today’s class ROCKED.

There are a bunch of people who really make my work life a much happier and more satisfying thing. These people make coming to work fun – they are the reason I get up early on Sunday mornings (despite my husband’s complaints) – and I miss them when they’re gone. I’m so grateful to their fun-loving willingness to laugh – at me or at themselves – and for making my job feel less like a job and more like a play date.


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