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Time Travel

My internal chronometer is all fucked up.

I had just started getting used to the shift after Daylight Saving Time.  Mornings were starting to get easier and I was starting to fall asleep at night when I should.  I wasn’t dragging quite so much as I was when the clocks first got set ahead.  All that came to a screeching halt after I got off the plane in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is on Pacific time, which is three hours behind New England’s Eastern time.  As I write this, it’s ten past five at home.  It’s ten past two here.  I’m ready for dinner.  We ate “lunch” at 10 o’clock local time.  I woke up, ready to start my day, at four in the morning.

I have a sinking suspicion that coming home is going to be hell.  To make it even MORE fun, I get to be a single mom for the rest of the week while Mr. Chili is in New Mexico on business.  What I’m saying here is that I don’t want to be a cranky, sleep deprived bitch.  My kids don’t deserve that and, frankly, I wouldn’t like it much, either.

Does anyone know if it would be helpful or harmful if I tried to sleep on the plane on the way home?  I have some ‘sleepy’ Tylenol, and I have no problem with popping a couple of them when I get on the plane in Vegas at 6:30 Monday morning (9:30 Eastern), but I don’t want to do that if it’s going to make it harder for me when I get back to home time.


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