Time Travel

My internal chronometer is all fucked up.

I had just started getting used to the shift after Daylight Saving Time.  Mornings were starting to get easier and I was starting to fall asleep at night when I should.  I wasn’t dragging quite so much as I was when the clocks first got set ahead.  All that came to a screeching halt after I got off the plane in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is on Pacific time, which is three hours behind New England’s Eastern time.  As I write this, it’s ten past five at home.  It’s ten past two here.  I’m ready for dinner.  We ate “lunch” at 10 o’clock local time.  I woke up, ready to start my day, at four in the morning.

I have a sinking suspicion that coming home is going to be hell.  To make it even MORE fun, I get to be a single mom for the rest of the week while Mr. Chili is in New Mexico on business.  What I’m saying here is that I don’t want to be a cranky, sleep deprived bitch.  My kids don’t deserve that and, frankly, I wouldn’t like it much, either.

Does anyone know if it would be helpful or harmful if I tried to sleep on the plane on the way home?  I have some ‘sleepy’ Tylenol, and I have no problem with popping a couple of them when I get on the plane in Vegas at 6:30 Monday morning (9:30 Eastern), but I don’t want to do that if it’s going to make it harder for me when I get back to home time.



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4 responses to “Time Travel

  1. I can’t take that stuff as it makes me feel woozy for a long long time. So no advice here. Sorry.

  2. Organic Mama

    Last year I was in Vegas for a weekend wedding and I had tried my best to stay east coast time as much as possible, going so far as to get up (shit, I woke up!) at 5 weird time each day. On my last night in NV, I left my friend’s wedding at 11 and managed around 4 hours of sleep before I ended up at the airport at 5:15 AM Vegas time (on the Monday morning). I can’t sleep on planes so I was truly zombified.
    I would sleep on the plane if you can – you’ll be messed up anyway, but this way, you may be less messed up. Feel free to lean on me as much as you need when you get back so you can recover!!!

  3. Sooza

    I’m with Organic Mama — get the sleep you need when you can. And I know that some people say heading West is harder (or is it East?), they both suck weinies. Hope you liked the crepes! Now I am totally craving crepes with Nutella and bananas. Maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast…..

  4. Sooza

    Oh, and BTW, only you, dearest, would call 3K miles to ask for directions! Any change attendent could have told you! The women in the yarn shop I was cruising must have thought I was nuts!

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