Mr. and Mrs.

Dudley and Squeaky were married yesterday.

The entire affair was beautiful to look at.  Dudley was handsome in his tux and Syracuse orange bow tie.  His groomsmen, handsome men all, were striking in their tuxes and formed quite the yummy line of manliness.  Squeaky managed to pull off a bridal coup by choosing, against all odds, bridesmaid dresses that made each of her five attendants look gorgeous.  Their dresses were a beautiful deep, rich, coppery brown color with high, square necklines, plunging backs and long skirts and, though each woman had a very different body type (ranging from tall and thin to, well, not) they all looked fabulous.  Squeaky’s dress was something to behold.  Done up in ivory lace, it had a soft, rounded neckline, spaghetti straps and a just-right train.  She was positively gorgeous.

The ceremony went off without a hitch.  The pastor was alternately serious and, really, pretty darned funny.  He went off on a homily loosely based on the Corinthians passage (“love is patient and kind”) by mentioning that these things are important in a marriage and that, eventually, you’re going to have arguments because one of you will have said something and the other won’t have heard you and, well, that’s when you need that patience thing that Paul wrote about.  All of us married folks giggled at that.  Stuff is only funny if it’s true.

We’re traveling with BoBo and his Mrs. (I haven’t come up with a good pseudonym for her yet, but I’m working on it).  She is an extremely talented singer – she sings professionally and teaches voice –  and she sang a Josh Grobin piece near the end of the ceremony.  Squeaky had managed to hold it together until she recognized the song that Dudley had chosen for her; after the first measure, though, she needed the tissues.  It was great.

After the service – and a boatload of pictures – we headed to the Ritz-Carlton for the reception.  Mrs. and I had some time to spare, so we wandered around the shopping village while we waited for the festivities to officially begin.  While we were there, I found an adorable little whirligig shop where I bought presents for Punkin’ Pie and Beanie and WeedWoman (there’s a particular something that I’ve wanted to get her since damned near the beginning of our friendship, and I actually found it in this store.  I hope she’s as excited about receiving it as I am about giving it).  BoBo found us to tell us that the party was just about to get started, so we meandered our way back to the hotel to find our venue.

The reception happened in a beautiful little spot  on an outdoor patio.  Since there really weren’t that many people – I didn’t actually count, but we couldn’t have been more than 50 altogether – we were able to comfortably celebrate in a small space.  I can’t stand assigned seating, but Dudley and Squeaky came through for us; we were seated with BoBo and Mrs. and two of Squeaky’s bridesmaids.  I really hit it off with one of them, and I’m planning on emailing her and her partner when I return home; we had a really great time with them and I’m looking forward to seeing them both again when we go to Maryland in June.

There was great food, fun dancing, and yummy wedding cake.  The party broke up around ten or so (local time) and, after passing love all around, the four of us headed back to our apartment and unceremoniously fell into bed.

It was a wonderful, happy day, made all the more meaningful because, not more than five or so years ago, Dudley was convinced he’d never be happy again.  It was particularly satisfying for Mr. Chili and me to see him take this (wonderfully optimistic) step, and I’m so grateful that he and Squeaky met.  We really are so very happy for them, and wish them all the happiness they can handle.



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2 responses to “Mr. and Mrs.

  1. “All the happiness they can handle.” I like that.

  2. Organic Mama

    Sounds like a truly lovely wedding. Small receptions are my preference (I have been to two) over the massive receiving line affairs – they’re intimate and more joyful. I can’t wait to hear more about all of it!

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