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images7.jpegMr. Chili isn’t coming home today. It may well be that we don’t get to have him back until sometime in the middle of next week.

I’m not sure who’s more upset about this, him or us. He’s terribly homesick; when he called yesterday to tell me that a Friday return wasn’t looking likely, he told me that he was surprised by how difficult this trip has been for him. Usually, he’s fine away. Sure, he misses us and would rather be home, but he’s never really been really and truly homesick until now. It doesn’t help that the work is frustrating him (he’s often pegged to put out the fires started by someone who either doesn’t know – or didn’t do – their job) and he’s booked in a teeny-tiny little hole of a hotel room. He’s one of only two people on the project with families at home (the other has a 14 year old who lives with his ex), so no one else is putting a very high priority on flights back to New England. He was so upset about not being able to come back that he had ME tell the girls. I think that breaking the news to them would have made him feel even worse than he already does.

It’s particularly difficult for the girls. They’ve been without Daddy since last Thursday and, even though he calls every morning before they go to school and every evening to read them a chapter or two from the book they’re making their way through, it’s just not as satisfying as having him here. Beanie said last night that “kissing the phone just isn’t the same.” It isn’t, but it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.

I understand that I’m spoiled. I know that a lot of women have husbands who travel far more frequently, farther away, and for longer stretches than mine does. On the other hand, I really like my husband, and am always happier when he’s nearby. WeedWoman mentioned yesterday that, while I was in Vegas, she missed me a lot more than she expected she would. Even though we wouldn’t have seen each other during the time that I was gone anyway, knowing that we COULDN’T see each other even if we wanted to made a difference (I understand that completely – I felt the same way when she went to California last year). That’s kind of how I feel about having Mr. Chili away. Even though I wouldn’t see him during the workday anyway, knowing that he’s not in his office in the next town over makes a difference. A very uncomfortable, very unhappy difference.


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