THIS Is On the Plan!!


images4.jpegTake out your blender and dump in a bag of frozen fruit (in this go around, I used Trader Joe’s organic peaches). Scoop in about a quarter cup of low fat vanilla yogurt and enough milk to get everything moving and blitz it until it resembles ice cream. From there, add a little vanilla syrup or honey to sweeten it to your liking and you’re in frozen treat bliss!

I like to do this because, you know, while I do love me some ice cream shop ice cream, we went to our local shack the other night and paid eleven dollars for three kiddie sized bowls and a chocolate malt.  ELEVEN DOLLARS.  Yikes!  I have the feeling that the Cuisinarts – both blender and ice cream maker – will be getting good workouts this summer.  Next time I post an ice cream recipe, and because I love you all, I’ll give you the Nutella gelato recipe I learned last summer.  YUM!



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5 responses to “THIS Is On the Plan!!

  1. Weedwoman

    Instead of honey, I add cherry juice concentrate, bee pollen, and flax oil (must that those omega 3’s). YUMMY. I have on for breakfast every day. In fact, I’m enjoying one right now.

  2. oh man…..I need the recipe!

  3. For WeedWoman’s potion or the Nutella gelato? I’ll hit her up for her ingredients list and amounts this afternoon. As for the Nutella gelato; patience, Grasshopper. I’ll post the recipe next week.

  4. the Nutella gelato – I’M NOT PATIENT…….(sorry, I’ll wait. 🙂 )

  5. Organic Mama

    The peach smashie sounds divine – both yours and Weedwoman’s recipes. So gonna try it this summer as I come inside from arduous physical labor..
    As for the decadent nutella recipe, OH MAN!
    Don’t tease your friends.

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