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Same to You, and Twice on Thursdays…

I’m posting twice today because I want you all to go on over to see Jake.  He’s got something to say that’s near and dear to my heart, and he says it with an insight and precision that worked just right for me.

Read, comment (tell him I sent ya), and for the love of all that is good and right and holy in the Universe, VOTE!

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She’s BACK!!

This critter, that many of you helpfully identified as a woodchuck (or, as Gerry calls them, groundchucks) when I first posted about her last year, seems to be an annual visitor to my yard. I noticed her (I’m assuming the feminine gender for convenience) yesterday afternoon while I was finishing my lunch; as I walked past the new patio doors, I noticed movement in the yard. I have four cats, all of whom are black and, as such, are pretty easy to spot against the green of spring – I’m very apt to notice things that don’t “belong” to me wandering about my yard.

She was very happily wandering about in the tallish growth on the edge of what will someday be the lawn. I noticed the rustle of her before I was able to discern her as the cause of the rustling, and was strangely pleased that she’d come back.


She seems to really love some of the vegetation that grows on the edge of the woods, and, as last year, was seen happily chomping on some yummy green thing or other (and, as last year, seems to have no interest whatsoever in the garlic chives or the (still meagre) rhubarb). I managed to get this picture before she was spooked by something, and I was startled by how quickly she bounded away (and I do mean bounded – she seemed more like a deer in her escape than anything else. It was strange to see something shaped like that move like that).

I checked back, and the last time I blogged about her was May 26th of last year. She’s got a good internal calendar.


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