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Ten Things Tuesday

The “this I believe” edition.

1. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Everything that happens to us, “good” and “bad,” happens because we have chosen to experience it. I also believe that we will continue to draw experiences to ourselves until we learn the lesson it has to teach us, so the next time you stop to ask yourself, “why does this ALWAYS happen to me?!” consider that you may be missing a lesson in it.

2. I believe that people who abuse those weaker than they don’t deserve a second chance to do it again.

3. I believe that the “education” we in this country are providing for our children is entirely unethical. I believe it is wrong to hold all students to the same standards, and I believe that tracking isn’t necessarily the evil that it’s been made out to be.

4. I believe that we’ve not discovered our true capacity yet. For example, it doesn’t fit with how I understand the Universe that we can hurt ourselves in a moment, but that it takes much longer – if ever – for us to heal. I believe that, someday, we’ll understand how much control we really do have over our reality.

5. I believe that people allow money, power, and image to influence them to make really poor choices. I believe that we entirely undervalue most people, and that it’s wrong that CEOs and athletes make millions of dollars, but service people – police, trash collectors, waitresses, teachers – often can’t afford to live in the districts they serve.

6. I believe that manners matter and that no expression of kindness, however small and seemingly insignificant, is ever wasted. It’s all light contributed to the Universe.

7. I believe that it’s the people you can call at four in the morning who really matter, and that it’s just as important to have those kinds of friends as it is to be that kind of friend.

8. I believe that when we learn to stop seeing one another as different from ourselves – when we recognize ourselves in each other – war and violence will become obsolete.

9. I believe that, sometimes, abortion, euthanasia/assisted suicide, and capital punishment are right.

10. I believe that we never really die, and that our “death” here is a passage back to where we came from. I believe there will be a celebration marking our return home, and that much of what happened here will all make sense.


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