Daily Archives: June 1, 2007


Ten years ago today, my life changed forever.

Ten years ago, a wonderful and miraculous person came into our world. This little person was wanted and planned and wished for, and we celebrated her arrival with quiet awe.

Ten years ago, Mr. Chili and I welcomed into our home a little baby who would fill our lives with laughter, amazement and, for a time, a lot of dirty diapers.

Ten years ago, we gave up sleep, we gave up any expectations of a regular schedule, and we gave up last-minute movie dates, but we didn’t care.

Ten years ago today, our first daughter joined us on this journey. Together, we’re growing and learning and changing; loving and supporting each other as we become the people we want to be.

Ten years ago, we took another step toward completing our family, and we’ve never looked back.

Happy birthday, Punkin’ Pie. I am so proud of you; you’re growing up beautifully and, even though we’re starting to have rough spots here and there, I would never – even for a second – trade this life we have together for anything. I’m looking forward to watching and helping you grow up and fill out the amazing person you already are. Thanks for choosing me to be your mom, and for loving me in your very special way. balloonbaby.jpg


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