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The Last Day – and The Day Before

I don’t have much that’s cohesive and intelligent for you today. Don’t you like how that assumes that everything else that I post is cohesive and intelligent? We all know what a leap that is…

Today is the last day of class with my Tuesday/Thursday public speaking class. Joe, my boss, told me that I had to have a class, even if I had nothing planned to teach and more than half the students told me they weren’t going to show, anyway. I told them we’d have a little brunch party – that I’d bake something for them and they should each bring in something to share. I figure I’ll keep them until about 9:30, then spring ’em for their summer break (such as it may be; some of the students are returning for the summer term that starts the week of July ninth).

Today is also the day before the Chili family leaves for our first ever car vacation (pray for us). We’re renting a vehicle that’s slightly larger than the little VWs we drive and are heading for Williamsburg, Virginia via Hershey, PA, with a visit to Dudley and Squeaky’s place in Maryland. I’ve purchased plenty of car-friendly activity books and puzzles, I’m loading and charging everyone’s iPods, and have probably bought far too many car snacks.

Today will be spent organizing all these things, packing, and doing the last of the obsessive-compulsive housekeeping that I always do before I leave for vacation. I cannot leave the house for any extended period of time without first tidying, vacuuming, dusting, washing and otherwise making the house pretty. It’s not that I hate LEAVING it in a state – because, really; who’s going to see it? – but I hate RETURNING to it.

My in-laws, god/dess love ’em, tend to leave their breakfast dishes out when they leave for places – with most of their breakfast still on them. I imagine them sitting at the table, nibbling toast and sipping coffee while perusing the Boston Globe, then looking up at the clock and realizing, “oh, NO! We have to leave RIGHT NOW” (because, you know, they can’t arrive someplace on time – they must be there hours in advance because you can never be too careful) and, well, just leaving. They don’t dump the coffee cups and fill them with water to soak, they don’t throw the crusts in the yard for the birds, they don’t stuff the paper in the recycle bin, they don’t even consider turning the dishwasher on, they just leave.

Most of the time, I sneak over there and do those things for them, plus water the plants and check their refrigerator for dairy products that will attempt to kill them when they return – half and half can get pretty vicious when left to its own devices. This time, though, I don’t think I’m going to have the opportunity; they left for England the day before yesterday and I’ve been flat-out busy since then and haven’t had a chance to go to their place which, though it isn’t far, is a little inconvenient to get to. I may be able to get Mr. Chili to run by on his way to or from work, though.

I’m planning to bring the computer with me and will try to keep up my post-a-day habit, though I’m not sure what kind of internet service I’ll be able to find. I’ll do my (OCD) best for you, because I love you all so much.

Happy Thursday!


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