My beloved and I celebrate eleven years of marriage today.

I am married to my very best friend.  Of all the people in the world, he is the one I want to be with; the one I want to call when something happens to me – good or bad; the one I depend on most in the world.

I get to laugh every single day.  Most of the time, the things I find hysterically funny are things that most people wouldn’t get, but that doesn’t matter.  We have our own language and our own reference set, and sometimes he doesn’t even have to actually say anything to crack me up – a certain look or a nod or an eye roll is all I need to set me off.

We fit together eerily well.  Our tastes in things like furniture, music, cars, movies – not to mention childrens’ names – is almost perfectly aligned (I tend to prefer more rockin’ music than Mr. Chili does, but that’s about it).  We also find common ground on how to raise the girls, how to conduct our financial affairs, and in what kind of people we want to be.  We find ourselves agreeing about almost everything, and that certainly goes a long way toward matrimonial harmony.

That’s not to say that we do agree about everything, though; we certainly don’t.  There are times when he drives me to the brink – and I him – but the fact is that we know that, regardless of how crazy we may make each other, what really matters is the commitment we’ve made to each other.  We’ve yet to encounter a problem that has been bigger than our marriage.  Whether that’s because we behave in such a way as to avoid those problems or we’ve been blessed to not have them put in our paths, we don’t know.  We know how to argue respectfully and, in the three or four times in 11 years that we’ve been really, really mad at each other, we’ve been able to rely on the knowledge that we are the most important person in the world to each other.  We’ve gone to bed angry, but we’ve never woken up that way.

Marrying Mr. Chili was the best thing I have ever done, and I’m grateful, literally every day, that I said yes.  I’m far happier than I ever thought I had a right to be.  Even though I thought, eleven years ago, that I couldn’t be any happier than I was then, I find that, with each passing year, I’m a little more content, a little more secure, a little happier in this world that he and I have created together.

I do.




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11 responses to “Eleven

  1. jrh

    Happy Eleven! I am honored that I was a part of Your Day!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to a million more.

  3. gerry rosser

    Congratulations! You are a very fortunate woman–and I don’t ignore the reality that good fortune involves work, not just romantic lightning.

    We have arrived–yesterday about 7:00PM, to be greeted by the girls (daughter, granddaughter). They flew up last week, actually leaving Florida the same day we did.

    We were road-weary, but we had a nice trip. I’ll write it up a bit in my blog. A bit of de-compression and I start my “Capey” stuff. I make up some hanging baskets, put out the bird feeders, and then the real relaxing starts–but for tending my garden.

    Congrats again. We’ll have been together 14 years on Sept. 10–the anniversary of the day we met.

  4. Weed Woman

    Woo Hoo! You two are fantastic!

  5. Organic Mama

    A blessing on your heads, Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov! What? I’m singing at you!!

    Multiply life by the power of two and it’s so damn good.

    Many, many happies to both of you!

  6. nhfalcon

    All the best from NHFalcon, Cookiemaker, and Little Man!

  7. Happy Anniversary you two. i wish you many many more.

  8. Happy eleventy-versary there Chili’s! Well done.

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