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Thought for the Day

Every Sunday, I teach a yoga class. At the end of it, I lead the participants through a relaxation, then let them be still and quiet for a bit.


Before I fully wake them up, I try to offer up something for them to think about. Usually, the inspiration for what to say comes from the ether: as I sit there, letting the class relax, I am struck with the motivation to say something – I don’t think it comes from me, these inspirational bits; they come from my guides or from the Universe or, maybe, even from God herself.

Today’s message was this: suicide bombings and genocide and poverty and hopelessness seem pervasive. It’s easy to feel small and insignificant and helpless in the face of the state of the world. You are NONE of those things. The light that you bring to the Universe is necessary and meaningful. True, you may not be able to singlehandedly solve the world’s problems, but the love that you give can ripple out into it in ways that you may never be aware. You can refuse to participate in the attitudes and behaviors that make the world scary and hard and dangerous. You can be a positive force just by being kind, or by smiling at someone who’s down, or by NOT saying that rude thing that just came to mind.

You matter, and it’s important that you ACT like you matter.

So sayeth my God.



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