THIS Ad, I Get

There are a lot of crappy ads on television. I’m astounded, really, by the moronic quality of most of them and can only name a few (one or two of the Geico cavemen spots, the paper towel ad with the kid and the orange soda, and one or two others) that stand out as worth the stupid money I’m sure were spent on them.

I wish that stuff like this could get on the airwaves, though I know this commercial would never be approved for network television. The inclusion of this ad would bring the average quality of commercials up a great deal, I think.



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7 responses to “THIS Ad, I Get

  1. Well, crap. That’s just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Wait. Does ‘crap’ count more than ‘poop’?

  2. Tense

    That was great.

  3. nhfalcon

    Now THAT’s funny! Where the hell was that commercial during the Super Bowl?

  4. chattybtawkin

    OMG…I almost peed my pants from *&^%%$$ laughing so hard. I have nothing to post today – I may just borrow and post this. 😉

  5. Weed Woman

    Hate the cave men, love this.

  6. One reason i don’t watch TV is that i can’t abide the ads. But this is very funny!

  7. I have seen a toned down shorter version of this on tv somewhere (sure it was cable not broadcast). It was funny!

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