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Global Warming…

…my ass!

It’s the 19th of August and it’s 54 degrees outside. I mean, I’m not getting ready to break out the parkas and ice picks, but I’m genuinely chilly; I’ve got a sweatshirt on and the end of my nose is cold.

You know that feeling that you’re getting old? When kids’ fashions confound you; when you don’t “get” the popular music; when television shows and movies don’t seem to have the same kind of quality that you remember? Well, I’m feeling a lot like that lately.

First of all, it’s AUGUST. Historically – at least, in my memory – August has been the hottest month of the summer. August brought us those nights that were just unbearable for sleeping, even with a fan blowing directly at the bed. August was the month we spent almost entirely in some sort of water – a pool, the sprinkler, a stream down the street. August was the month where almost no cooking was done indoors; we ate a lot of grilled foods, or else we ate cold stuff – sandwiches, chicken salad, or fruit. I’m sitting here, in the middle of August, seriously contemplating oatmeal for breakfast.

My children go back to school a week from Wednesday – on the 29th of August. I’m feeling old because I can’t help but say “when *I* was a kid, we didn’t go back to school until AFTER Labor Day.” I’m sure of it, too; there was none of this bullshit of going to school for two days, then having four days off, then starting up again – we came in the Tuesday after Labor Day and were in school until the first holiday – Columbus Day – came around in October. Am I mis-remembering my past (which is highly likely), or is this starting school in August thing a relatively new occurrence?

I’ve already complained about the way some recent movies have been made, so I won’t do that again here, but that’s another thing contributing to my feeling of being old.

For the most part, I can deal with the young people; while I don’t understand the whole pants around the ass thing (how DO they keep them up?!), it doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty up on new music, too, though I never figured out what the fascination with Brittany Spears ever was.

I could be full of crap about this one, but have pre-season football games always started this soon? I’m NOT complaining about this one, really, but I don’t remember getting football in August. Personally, I think the season should start later – I’d MUCH rather have football all the way into February or March than have it compete with baseball season, but no one listens to my opinion on such things…

I suppose it’s a natural passing of the proverbial torch from one generation to the next, but it’s still odd to think of myself as a grown-up. I have pretty good adapting skills, so the changes don’t frighten or threaten me as much as they did, say, my grandparents, but I still do notice things that are very different from when *I* was a kid. Not that those changes are bad, mind you, but they are changes.


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