The Beginning

This is weird.

The girls started school yesterday. All went well: each of them was dropped off at her respective place of learning and handed safely to her teacher, and each of them managed to find her way safely home on a bus. They both had homework… for us – I filled out a bunch of paperwork yesterday afternoon – and they had stories to tell of getting settled and of meeting new people. It was good.

We’re doing it again today. Beanie just helped me put lunches together while Punkin’ and Daddy negotiated their showers. As soon as I hit “publish,” Bean and I will head upstairs to do our morning thing while Dad and Punkin’ eat some breakfast and contemplate what time they should leave today – taking yesterday’s experience into account – to arrive at school at a more comfortable time.

What I’m writing about here, though, is the weirdness of this week. The kids go to school Wednesday and Thursday, then have the next four days off. This is going to make establishing a routine (which Punkin’ is already resisting) that much more difficult. I’m thinking that I’m going to continue to wake them at school-day time on Friday and Monday, and that we’ll run through everything that needs to happen in the morning anyway – even if we don’t have anyplace we need to be. The quicker we can get settled into a routine that we don’t have to think too much about, the better off we’ll all be.



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6 responses to “The Beginning

  1. nhfalcon

    This goes back to the coversation that was had in another post of yours, Mrs. C., about when we went to school “when I was child…”

    I think starting before Labor Day is stupid, period. What they do now, on top of that, however, is even more inane. Just start the year the day after Labor Day. The first week is only a four-day week and then, BOOM, off they go in to the school year.

    This “let’s start them off with a two- or three-day week followed by a four-day week and then finally some normalcy” is asinine. The kids can’t develop any kind of a routine, and neither can the teachers. They’re not learning anything with all this futzing (did i just invent the way to spell that word? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) around, so why should they be in school.

    Don’t get me started – oh, wait, too late!


  2. Sooza

    I was totally with you, nhfalcon, about the three-day week, followed by a four-day week, followed by a five-day week. It completely messes with my ability to adjust to a new schedule. But my mom (who worked in elementary schools for 20-odd years) said that they really notice that this kind of “easing into the school” makes the adjustment easier for the young ones.

    I agree though — tradition should not be flaunted, and school should start after Labor Day.

    Now don’t get me started on sending fifth graders to middle schools. I swear, middle school gets more and more like “Lord of the Flies” every year (or maybe “Kid Nation”). But congrats Mrs. Chili! One more milestone. Soren started kindergarten today (full day tomorrow) — I’ll try to post about it tonight.

  3. While I am not complaining about my four day weekend, I have to agree. I miss the “after Labor Day” days. In our district, teachers start on Thursday and Friday. Kids come in on Monday and go until Thursday. Then there is a four day weekend followed by that four day week. The first five day week may kill us all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. So stupid to have a 4-day weekend after 2 days of school! Of course, we had one half-day of school and then a 3-day weekend before we started “for reals.” But, I thought that was stupid, as well.

  5. Oh, and hey! No fair y’all get Friday and Monday! We only get Monday.

  6. It does seem odd to start school on a Tuesday. Why i wonder. Some boring bureaucratic reason, i’m sure.

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