I Missed My Own Anniversary

Two years (and ten days) ago, I started this little writing experiment.

I was encouraged to start a blog by Kizz, who’d been my gateway drug to this particular habit and who told me that I could be really really great at it.

images5.jpegI don’t know if I’ve achieved greatness (or, even, if I’d want to, given the inherent dangers of notoriety on the internet), but I do know for sure that I love it. I love the writing and all the thinking that comes ahead of actually sitting down to write. I love the feedback and am learning so much from the perspective that others are willing to give on the questions I ask. I love the sense of community; I’ve made friends through this forum – people have reached out to me, and I to them, in ways that have made my life richer (and, I hope, I’ve done the same for them in whatever small way I can). So far, having this room of my own has been a really positive thing.

As I head into year three, I want to thank my friends – you know who you are – for supporting, challenging, amusing and encouraging me. Thanks for inviting me into YOUR spaces and allowing me to see things through your eyes. Thanks for calling me on my shit and for suggesting ways for me to tweak my thinking to get better results. Thanks for correcting me and for letting me teach you something every once in a while. Most importantly, though, thanks for making me laugh out loud.



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4 responses to “I Missed My Own Anniversary

  1. twoblueday

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ve gotten a lot more from your blog than I’ve given back. Thanks.
    I’m barely a year into this, and I don’t feel like quitting yet.


  2. Organic Mama

    You inspired me, still do and I love that you still derive such joy and excitement from your blog(s), Mazel Tov, Congratulations and keep up the great, wry, funny, insightful and erudite work!

  3. Oh Happy Year, and many more to you. I’m glad Kizz got you hooked on this particular drug.

  4. I’m glad I got you hooked, too!

    Happy Anniversary, I’m really pleased that you love this wackiness as much as I thought you would. There’s no stopping us now!

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