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I saw this on PostSecret and decided that I needed to feature it on my blog, too.

What is it about us as a society that makes us think that it’s okay to keep people in closets (in general – I know not everyone is closed-minded)?  Why do we think that people should be ashamed of who they are, or afraid of being honest with the world?  Who are we to foist our issues on others?  Homophobia isn’t about homosexuality being wrong, it’s about straight people being closed-minded, small, and stupid.

I met someone, not too long ago, who was frightened of coming out to me.  She worried that doing so would negatively affect our fledgling friendship.  The relief in her voice when I told her that, hell no, her being a lesbian wouldn’t have any bearing on our relationship whatsoever, was a little surprising to me (she hadn’t yet noticed the pride flag on the back of my car).

I can’t imagine living my life in secret like that; having to hide a significant part of who I am from the people I meet, or having to decide whether it’s “safe” or not to reveal who I really am to my friends and coworkers.  I never have to think twice about talking about my husband, but I would if I were talking about my wife.  HOW is it different, I ask!   *I* don’t think it is, but I seem to be in a minority.

This still chaps my hide, and it will every day until we figure this shit out.

Love is love: end of story.


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