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Did You Hear That?

…that was me, sighing with relief.

Yesterday’s first session of Yoga National Guard went really well. I’m NOT the least green person in the place – I’m not even the person with the least experience (as a matter of fact, I believe it’s true that, of all the participants who were there last night, I am one of two who has the most teaching experience). There were even three familiar faces in the group – granted, none of them is a close, personal friend, but they’re people I’d stop to chat with on the sidewalk, so it’s all good. I’m just so relieved that I’m not a Big Mac in an all-tofu class, you know?

Yesterday’s session consisted of some breathing exercises (which feel stupid when you first start them, but really work out nicely after a short bit) and then a quick practice session, which I really enjoyed. One of the instructors (we’ll call her Cicely – the other is a lovely gentleman whom we’ll call David) did a lot of the poses that I do in my own classes, she cued them similarly to the way I cue them, and she allowed us to follow our breath – one of the things I really dislike about how a lot of the other yoga instructors in my club teach their classes is that they don’t move with the breath; the classes feel rushed and uncomfortable to me. I’d rather do five poses, and do them well and deeply and in rhythm with my own breathing, than do twenty poses in a hurry. Anyway, this experience with Cicely showed me that I’m not too far off of the objectives of this training right off the bat, and that helps with the confidence level.

We even chanted a little and, I’ve gotta admit, I didn’t feel stupid. I mean, if I’d been the ONLY person chanting, I’d certainly have felt dumb, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t. You should try it sometime – when you’re alone in your room or in your car or something – just hum with your exhale; you don’t have to OM or anything, humming is fine. The feeling of the sound vibrating your chest and face really is soothing and transforming. I’m a skeptic about stuff like that – chanting and “sacred hand gestures”


(I gat yah sacred hand gestcha right heah!….oh – sorry) all seem a little silly to me, but humming with my exhale really does feel good. Try it and let me know what you think.

I’ll update more tomorrow – I’m on my way out the door for the first full day of training. My understanding is that the day is going to focus on anatomy and alignment, and I’m really looking forward to that: I focus a lot on trying to get people to figure out how to line themselves up properly, and I’m going to be paying close attention to see if I can learn anything new today.

OM, y’all. More later!


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