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Kwizgiver of What if This Is as Good as It Gets tagged me for the 5 ME meme. You are supposed to list 5 things about yourself that you never have before. Okay, here goes:

1.  I discovered yesterday, after offering to help a student start his very dead car, that I do NOT have jumper cables in my Puck.  I should remedy that.

2.  If I have to walk any kind of distance – particularly if I’m walking alone – I’ll play a song in my head that I can keep pace to.

3.  I have a terrible time keeping my mouth shut when I witness bad parenting – and I witness bad parenting a LOT.

4.  I only started eating tomato soup in my 30’s when I discovered Progresso Hearty Tomato.  I will only eat grilled cheese sandwiches that *I* make.  I ate my very first cheeseburger – no lie, my very FIRST – this summer.

5.   I have a bit of a schizophrenic superiority complex: I feel like I have an awful lot (though, certainly, not everything) about what we’re supposed to be doing here figured out, but my desire to NOT be like the proselytizing nut jobs I’ve encountered in my lifetime (“Have you found Jesus?”  “Holy shit!  Did you LOSE him?!?”)*, I tend to keep my mouth shut about what I know.

I don’t tag as a rule, but do feel free to lift!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

*and just to clarify here, what I’ve figured out has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus in general or religion in particular.  As a matter of fact, I’m with Gerry – I think religion, for the most part, is one of our biggest problems, but that’s a topic for another post…


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