Mostly Moved In!

Over the past two weeks or so, Mr. Chili and I have managed to have the upstairs carpet replaced, paint our old bedroom (no, not REpaint our old bedroom – it was never finished beyond primer in the first place), clean out the girls’ old room and move them upstairs. We’re one step closer to moving into our entire house!

The transition from downstairs to upstairs has been pretty smooth, actually; the hardest part was getting the girls to go through the almost literal mountains of crap they’ve managed to accumulate in their short lives. While Mr. Chili was upstairs painting to the songs of the 60s and 70s, I was downstairs slogging through every possession my daughters own, trying to encourage them to see their things with a critical eye.

I decided on a plan – I told them to imagine that the house was on fire. I told them that all the living animals and all of their treasured things – their blankets and bears, specifically – were already safely on the lawn and that they had time to run into their room and collect five things each that they’d want to save from the flames. Once the five things were “rescued,” they had to go back in and bring out four things that they’d let burn.

We went back and forth like this – each time, I chose a different number of rescue-able and burn-able things – until they had touched every single thing in their room.

Punkin’ Pie had a “keep” pile, Beanie had a “keep” pile, the joint “pitch” pile was put in the middle and, at the end of the afternoon, they were each allowed to rescue two things each from the “pitch” pile (because I know for sure that each girl put something of the other’s in that stack). From there, salvageable things were donated to GoodWill and the rest was thrown away.

Their new room is much bigger – big enough so that their bunk beds can be taken apart and used as twin beds, which I LOVE because it means that I can properly love both of my children before bed without having to climb a ladder (and risking bumping my head on the ceiling). I also love it because it makes making their beds much easier, which means THEY can do it themselves!! We’ve given them a bookshelf to hold their copious collections and, after Mr. Chili and I make that trip to IKEA to get our bedroom furniture, the girls will be given a dresser and two bedside tables so that we can get rid of the cheesy clothes storage set-ups we’ve got for them now.

We’ve still got quite a bit left to do. The siding on the old part of the house needs to be replaced and so, too, does the roof over the garage. We still need a back deck, and the porch at the front door is in desperate need of replacing. The new master bathroom isn’t hooked up at all – there’s a floor in there and the room’s been painted, but that’s it. Finally, the girls’ old room needs to have its carpet removed and a new wood floor put in, and the closets need to be reconfigured so we can use them for shoes and coats and finally clean out our little entry hall. For all we’ve left to do, though, I’m encouraged by how far we’ve come in the last few weeks.

I went back to verify the length of time that we’ve been working on this addition to our home. Ground-breaking took place on May 31, 2005. Between then and now, we’ve gone through a lot, learned a lot about what we can and cannot live with and, believe it or not, grown stronger and closer as a family. Still, though? I’m quite ready to be done, done, done!


Beanie, overseeing the excavation. May 31, 2005



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10 responses to “Mostly Moved In!

  1. Anonymous

    OK, the comment about knowing each girl threw something away that belonged to her sister cracked me up! 🙂

    Just another reason (among many) why Little Man is going to be an only child…

    On a different note, given all that you’ve done and still have yet to do to complete this “remodeling,” don’t you think it would’ve just been easier to buy a whole new house? 😉

    Can’t wait to see the changes November 3rd for Dunham Night!

  2. nhfalcon

    Whoops! Sorry – that’s me commenting above.

  3. Having been through a major remodel, i feel for you. It feels like it will never end…

    It will, but when?

    I like the burning house technique. I may use it.

  4. That was only primer? Your bedroom was always so pristine and beautiful that I never noticed.

  5. liv

    Dude. 2 years?? OMG. Mine was about 4 months and I thought I was slowly dying.

  6. Falcon, it’s funny you say that because Mr. Chili and I were JUST saying, the other day, that IF we knew then WHAT we know now, we would have MOVED! (bonus points for the first part of that reference)

    Meno, it worked like a charm. Of course, when I told the girls to retrieve four things they wanted, then told them to let TWELVE things burn, they looked at me with unveiled malice in their eyes. They DID it, but they didn’t LIKE it.

    Yep, Kizz – only primer.

    Liv, Dude, TWO AND A HALF YEARS is what I’m sayin’. What amazes me is that I’ve survived it as well as I have – ask people who know me in real life and they’ll tell you that it was touch and go for a while there. I sat my husband down before the loan was even finished and told him that this was going to SUCK for me and that I wanted to do this as kamakazi as possible – get ’em in, then get ’em the fuck OUT so I could resume normal life. Nearly three years later and we’re STILL dealing with addition issues. It’s a testament to how much I value my marriage that I’m still here.

  7. Auntie

    Please make sure the little Chili’s know to NEVER go back in to a burning building! Great idea though!

  8. Auntie

    Don’t Puh-leese me, people do it all the time..

  9. Amy

    Visiting you via Geek. I have to tell you that that is a BRILLIANT idea (the sorting) I wish I had thought of that YEARS ago. My Kate is such a packrat! Eeek.

    BTW, you mentioned liking Dirty Jobs, is it just me or is Mike Rowe kinda cute/hot?

    Maybe it’s just me. LOL

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