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Yoga National Guard, Weekend Two Begins

As a teacher, I’m a little ashamed of myself.  The first exam for YNG was last night, and I just KNOW I bombed it.  I got pronation and supination backwards, I’m pretty sure I confused ligaments and tendons, and I completely forgot the planes of the body.


My only consolation is that the penalty for getting more than five questions wrong is that we have to – get this – write a paragraph!  THAT I know how to do!  Actually, writing will help me really grasp the concept far better than the coloring book and handouts will.


Really, though, I wonder how much of the details of anatomy I’m really going to need.  As it is, I’m already pretty intuitive about alignment and cueing.  I’ve had students tell me that they didn’t understand how to really get into a pose until they came to my class, and I didn’t get them there by telling them to be mindful of their lateral flexion.  I’m not saying that it’s not important that *I* know that stuff, but I really do wonder how much of it I’m going to use in either my personal yoga practice or in my teaching.  Still, being able to honor something intuitively and being able to spit it out on a multiple choice exam are very different things, and I’m going to have to work out a better system for preparing for YNG exams.  One of my classmates told me she did all her homework just before coming to the class, and that, she said, is the only reason she thinks she did reasonably well on the test.  I’m going to try that next time.

I came into last night’s YNG with kind of a bad attitude.  I’ve not been sleeping all that well lately (I’m waking up in the middle of the night again) and I feel like I really need some down time; the commitment for this weekend is keeping me from being able to be still and regroup.  I didn’t really ever snap out of my attitude, either – last night’s class included the aforementioned exam, a lecture on the history of yoga (with Power Point slides) and a practice teaching in small groups.  I didn’t mind that last bit very much – I’m already teaching, so I don’t suffer the edginess and hesitation that my classmates do – but I found it difficult to be patient with the people in my group.  Toward the end of the night, I found I couldn’t stop yawning and could never really clear my head of the things I had to do at home (“I really should vacuum,” “tomorrow should be clean sheet day,” “do we need milk?”).  Uncharitably, I found myself checking for spelling and grammatical errors on the Power Point slides, too – “So-and-So SOOK out a guru living in a cave” and “This is when yoga came into IT’S own.”  I’m not proud of it, I was mindful of it and tried to pull myself out, but I never quite succeeded.

Here’s hoping that today (and tomorrow) will be a little better for me.  It’s going to be a long weekend, otherwise.


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