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Randomness on Wednesday

In the proud tradition of Falcon, I’ve got some ramdomness for you!

• Mr. Chili and I are headed to IKEA this morning with a van and a credit card. Our hope is to score a new bedroom set, some bookcases, a couple of wardrobes, some end tables for the living room, and a filing cabinet. While I’m eager to have all the other furniture, the filing cabinet is at the top of my personal priority list; I can’t bear anymore the mess of paper that I’ve accumulated in my short time as a paid teacher, and I really feel the need to get it under control.


• Last night’s trick or treating went well for my two little ghost pirates, though the house that usually gives out the king sized Nestle bars was dark yesterday evening. Photos will be forthcoming.

• My cell phone’s clock application reset itself for Daylight Saving Time last weekend, and it pisses me off. The phone itself knows what time it is, but the clock application is an hour behind – a week ahead of schedule. Of course, there’s no way to manually reset the clock application (my ONLY complaint about my SideKick is the lousy clock application), and I’m afraid to use it as my alarm because I just KNOW it’ll realize it’s wrong and reset itself again. Even though I’ve had trouble with the cell phone clock before, I’m actually blaming the stupid president for moving the date we change. Does anyone know what the rationale behind THAT was? (and I know – I know – we’re talkin’ Dubya here – “rational” does not figure heavily into the kinds of adjectives people use to describe him.)

•Who’s the genius who puts STICKERS on shit? There’s nothing that pisses me off more than getting half of a sticker off of something I’ve bought – this soup pot, for example: there’s no reason on the Goddess’s earth that a vinyl cling wouldn’t have worked PERFECTLY there – or even a sticker with Post-It type adhesive, but no – they’ve got to use frickin’ Gorilla Glue on a flimsy paper sticker. Grrrr!


• Thomas’s makes these little mini-bagels in different flavor varieties, and I’ve taken quite nicely to the strawberry ones. I’m also overly fond of the plain bagels, toasted, with just a little too much peanut butter on them. They’re my “between classes” sustinence. Is it just me, or are “mini bagels” the exact size that REGULAR bagels used to be?

• I finally put a key to my own front door on my key chain. For literally years – I’m thinking maybe even ALL the years we’ve lived here – I’ve not had a key to my own house. Other people have them, but not I! Nope; I go in through the garage, the inner door of which is never locked. For the longest time, we didn’t bother to lock the front door, either, but the Universe is telling me that this may no longer be prudent. Now that the door’s being locked more or less regularly, I have to recognize that, if I come home during a power outage and can’t open the garage door, I’m locked out. There’s a key on my chain now, and I’ll likely hide one somewhere in the yard, too – just in case.

• I had, according to the sucky site meter that WordPress offers, 157 views to my blog yesterday. Two comments. TWO. What’s up with that?

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. Please wish us good furniture buying luck!


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