A Bad Feeling

bhutto_benazir.jpgWhile I was getting dressed this morning, Mr. Chili, surfing his laptop from the bed, told me that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated yesterday.

I gasped and have had the worst sinking feeling ever since.

I don’t really know much about foreign politics.  Hell, I don’t really know much about domestic politics; it all seems like so much playground bullying to me.  I know, as they say, just enough to be dangerous.  I do believe, though, that Ms. Bhutto was going to be a calming, rational influence on Pakistan; at least, moreso than any one else I’d seen.  Calm and rational are two things that country (and ours) sorely needed.

I keep coming back to the idea that I’ve been kicking around since this fall, when I attended a symposium about the Holocaust: when will we (will we?) ever figure out that none of this matters?  That we get so much more from cooperation than we ever do from competition?  That we all belong to each other, and that hurting you hurts me?

I’m mourning Ms. Bhutto’s passing today, and hoping with all the energy that I can spare that the energy that she brought to her country and her people is carried on by others who want to see peace and cooperation more than they want to see struggle and war.

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10 responses to “A Bad Feeling

  1. Dudley

    “we get so much more from cooperation than we ever do from competition”

    You’re so right about this. I trust that nearly everybody agrees with this in concept. The barrier comes from the question of how much is any person or any group of people willing to move away from their own closely held beiefs and feelngs to co-operate.

    Most will welcome others to their own way of thinking. How much are they willing to move towards another way of thinking?

  2. liv

    and I file this under the heading: things i will not ever understand.

    why do we humans behave so horribly?

  3. I just turned on the laptop and that was the headline. I gasped. I feel so out of the loop when I am not home. I watch the news ALL the time at home and feel lost when I am not. I knew in my heart this would happen to her, but it saddens me just the same because it played out. …

  4. Organic Mama

    I came downstairs first this morning and when I read of the news, I sat stunned. I have been following the developments of Pakistan’s political strife for months and though Bhutto’s return from exile meant at least an approach to rationality and that so many in that country looked forward to the elections in January that would probably have seen her return to power. This is a tragedy of short-sightedness, of sickening stupidity and I am grieving, as well.

  5. i just don’t get it. I don’t.

  6. Much like you, I keep up with just enough of politics so as not to look stupid when others discuss what’s going on in the world… And like you, I have a bad feeling about the direction in which Pakistan will likely go after this sad turn of events.

  7. Laurie B

    I can only echo my sadness at the passing of the last light of the Bhutto family. A brave woman and a visionary, killed because she could bring peace.

    O”mama has said it best.

    I ache for what could have been and ache with missing the potential. It’s a prayer of sorts but not in any sanctified way. It just is, and filled with heartache.

  8. Aghast!

    In all my dealing at school, one little bit of advice keeps popping back in my head: “There is too much hate in the world already.” It’s a guide.

    Blessings out to her family and those who supported her.

  9. I’m with you, Chili. I simply can not imagine peace coming from this horrible event.

    I am pleased to see much of the news media (at least what I’ve seen/heard/read) refer to Mrs. Bhutto as a kind, strong, ambassador for peace. I simply can not imagine how brave she must have been to be a powerful woman in a region where women simply do not have much power.

  10. gerry rosser

    I have no hope for any Moorish nation. None.

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